Oh. My. Goodness! Recommended to me by a friend, this is hands-down the chillingest, twistiest, can't-put-it-down book I've read in a long time! (I don't even know if a couple of those words are actual words, but they should be!)
I just finished 'The Only One Left' by Riley Sager, and I am an instant fan! Most of you have probably heard the story of Lizzie Borden and you may have even sung the little ditty. "Lizzie Borden took an axe and gave her father 40 whacks; when she saw what she had done, she gave her mother 41." This book references 'Lizzie', and draws a few comparisons, but even the true story of the Borden Family didn't compare to this one in the shivers and shocks department.
The year is 1929, and 'it was a dark and stormy night.' In a gorgeous mansion on the coast of Maine, high above the rest of the lowly population, lives the Hope family; parents and two daughters. Seventeen-year-old Lenora is assumed to be guilty of killing the rest of the family, but it cannot be proven, even though she is The Only One Left. Except to say that she didn't commit the triple murder, Lenore has never said anything else, nor has she left the mansion, known as Hope's End.
Jump to 1983: Lenora is now seventy years old and confined to a wheelchair, requiring twenty-four-hour care. The house has deteriorated greatly, and, subject to near-constant stormy winds, has begun to slide, slowly, inexorably, to the ocean below. The shingles are flying off the roofs, cracks are appearing in the walls, the house itself tilts more each day. Into this 'warm and charming' scenario comes Kit McDeere, Caregiver, and freaked-out hearer of spooky tales. Her predecessor, Mary, has mysteriously disappeared in the middle of the night, taking nothing with her. Where did she go? Why? Will Kit be next? Writing this is sending chills down my back! Read this book right away and try to unravel the story in a book where nothing is truly what it seems!

~Connie, Library Clerk, VPL


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