The Boy From the Woods by Harlan Cobin

"Did you hear about the little boy that they found in the woods behind the Crimstein house?" "The doctors say he's six to eight, but the kid doesn't remember anything before the woods- no name or birthday, even!" "Yeah, he's been playing with David Crimstein for 'a long time', and Hester says she's heard David talking; he said it was an imaginary friend, and she never checked!" "Guess he's been breaking into summer cottages and cabins and stealing food and supplies!" "Says he learned to talk from watching TV in the cabins!" "I heard he's staying with the Crimsteins until they find out who he is!" Can you just imagine all of the talk in town? The curiosity, the questions, the search for answers? But the town never found out who he was. They called him Wilde, and placed him with a foster family, with whom he grew up.

Now, thirty years have passed, and a teenage girl has suddenly disappeared. Wilde's first friend, David, has been killed in a car accident, and Wilde is David's son Matthew's godfather. When Matthew comes to Wilde for help, the search for young Naomi begins to unravel a lifetime of secrets and scandal. Soon, everything will explode!

This book is the first in the 'Wilde' series; Two hearty thumbs up!! Reviewed by Connie, Vinton Public Library Clerk


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