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The graduating class of 1983 will be holding their reunion on the weekend of June 3, 2023.

The Schedule so far includes a night at Berry's Lanes, Golfing, and a night at the Ron Da Voo. For full updates, follow the Vinton Class of '83 on Facebook! You can also keep in touch with the alumni happenings here Washington High School Class Of 1983, Vinton, IA (

Feel free to pop in and share your ideas and if you have old photos from our school days share away!

Randy Scheel the force behind the event sends the following message to classmates." "I hope to see as many of you as possible. Social media makes it easy to touch base every now and then. But nothing replaces spending time together. I know reunions create anxiety for some. But I am always proud of our class in how many show up to participate in one of our events. The Class of '83 ROCKS!

I need your help. I know that not everyone is on Facebook. I also know I don't have everyone's email to receive messages that way. Would each of you who reads this just text one classmate (two if you are feeling giving!) to let them know the date of our reunion (Ron Da Voo June 2, Golf June 3 morning, Berry's Lanes June 3 at 6 pm)? Encourage them to come to at least one event.
Please keep in mind, our reunion is for anyone who was with us during our elementary, junior high, or high school years ... even if you did not graduate with us in Vinton. Several moved away before graduation but that doesn't mean we don't consider you our classmate!"

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