The Center Point Historical Society will hold its annual Cemetery Walk on Sunday, September 24, at 4 p.m. at the Center Point Cemetery, 1500 Main St. Costumed actors will portray five of Center Point's dear departed. If it's rainy (remember rain?) the event will be at the Depot Museum, 700 Washington St., with projected photos of the gravesites. Admission is $5.

The oldest subject, Almond Manahan, was born in 1835 and got in on the ground floor in Center Point. He was lucky as a blacksmith and farm machinery businessman but very unlucky as a family man. Five of his eight little children died. He will be played by John Stuelke.

Other subjects include Anna Trkal who married into the Center Point Wormer car dealer family (played by Dr. DeEtta Andersen); WWI balloon group veteran Bill Durow (played by Jon Brendel); Dale Matheny who ran the old 150 Gulf truck stop (played by Dr. Philip Andersen); and legendary piano teacher Norma Jean Bromwell (played by Sammy A. McClure).

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