Bloomsbury Farm, the premier agri-tourism destination in Eastern Iowa, is hosting over 600 members of foster and adoptive families for "Four Oaks Day at The Farm"!

Thanks to Chelsey's Dream Foundation, foster families and adoptive families who have signed up are able to attend the September 23 event with free admission.

"We are so grateful to Bloomsbury Farm for a "Four Oaks Day at the Farm" experience for the families we support as well as our employees," Four Oaks President and CEO Mary Beth O'Neill said. "We are thrilled to have the support of Chelsey's Dream Foundation for their incredible generosity, affording admission for over 600 individuals from foster and adoptive families supported by Four Oaks. This event would not be possible without the support of Chuck and Carol Bildstein."

Four Oaks recruits and retains stable, nurturing, and diverse foster families to keep children safe from further trauma while assisting them in their transition to permanency.

The opportunity to spend a day at a living, breathing farm will provide foster and adoptive families with new experiences and memories in a fun-filled, rural setting.

"Bloomsbury Farm is proud to partner with Four Oaks to help celebrate their 50th anniversary this year! It has been a group effort, and we are very excited to share this fun activity with the community," Farm Manager Samantha Petersen said.

This year's corn-maze design, which was unveiled earlier this summer, is the Four Oaks logo to celebrate the organization's 50th Anniversary.

The Sept. 23 event will also serve as Four Oaks' anniversary celebration event for staff. Four Oaks would not be where it is today after five decades without the many amazing people that have made up the agency.

"I cannot imagine a better way to celebrate our 50th Anniversary than with an event that our employees, children, and families can enjoy! I am thrilled for the children to experience the Bloomsbury corn maze and everything the farm has to offer," O'Neill said.


About Four Oaks

Four Oaks, headquartered in Cedar Rapids, is one of the state's largest child welfare, juvenile justice, and behavioral health agencies. The organization is also the sole provider for foster care training and support in Iowa. For more information, visit

About Bloomsbury Farm

Bloomsbury Farm was homesteaded in 1856. Dave Petersen, the 5th generation to take over the Farm, along with his wife Karen, started the agri-tourism business in 1994. Their daughters Jessica and Samantha are also both a big part of the business. In years since, it has serve as a destination for thousands of Eastern Iowans each year who want to get away from city lights and take in a beautiful, living, breathing farm. Learn more at

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