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The Vinton Guild of Fine Arts is celebrating 10 years this year (can you believe it?) The Guild will be doing a few activities to celebrate!The Guild will have a special display at various events around town this year and a special event later in the year, during the downtown Christmas open house in November. To celebrate their 10th anniversary the Guild will be challenging everyone to a Scavenger Hunt. The challenge will be to identify pieces of artwork that has been provided by the Guild.This includes 18 ears of cord, 2 wall-sized murals in the Library, 3 interactive murals, 2 mini interactive murals all located throughout the community.
Families, kids, grownups, local business teams, anyone may participate, and we have a fabulous set of prize baskets for the winners. All of the details are on our webpage at:
Click here to download the Scavenger Hunt Entry Form!

The winner will be announced at the Holiday Open House on November 17, 2024.  In the event of a tie, a drawing will determine the winner.

1st PLACE - $300.00 Gift Cards & Prizes
2nd PLACE - $200.00 Gift Cards & Prizes
3rd PLACE - $100.00 Gift Cards & Prizes

Return completed forms by:Mail to: VGFA Po Box 62, Vinton IA 52349 


Email to: 


VGFA extends their gratitude to those who donated toward

the gift cards & Prizes Including:

Vinton Unlimited
LaGrange Pharmacy
Pourville Studio 
Nature's Corner 
Henkle Creek/Cameron Clothing
The Niche
Clippers Corner
Palace Theatre
New Beginnings Salon


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