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May 22, 2023

The Benton County Board of Supervisors met in regular session with Supervisors Seeman, Primmer and Bierschenk present. The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. at the conference room at the Benton County Service Center. Members of the are invited to join in during open session or watch the livestream at Unless otherwise noted, all actions were approved unanimously. Summarized Resolutions will be available in the Auditor's office and at: (

Primmer moved/Bierschenk seconded: To approve Resolution #23-34, Amending Services Area 1 and 9 in the FY 23 Budget. Motion carried.

County Attorney Ray Lough along with Deb Fleming, from the collections office came to discuss adding on new contracts to the Collections Department. Lough said that after loosing a county, he has been busy making some phone calls and has an opportunity with possibly three counties: Henry, Delaware and Dubuque. If those three counties agree and enter into contract with us, there would be a need for more employees with the added work load. Continued discussion was had regarding the thresholds they would need to meet in order to get the kick back. The state is currently doing the collections for these counties, and they don't receive any payment back, so this would benefit them as well as Benton County. The Board agreed to move forward with these as possible three year contracts and hope the income will offset the costs. Fleming explained how this would all have to be done and in place by June 30th. They will come back at a future meeting with the contracts if all parties agree.

Bierschenk moved/Primmer seconded: To adjourn. Motion carried.


Tracy Seeman, Chairman

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Hayley Rippel, Benton County Auditor


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