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The Winneshiek County Sheriff's office reported that on September 2, 2023, 42-year-old Bo Ruzick of La Porte City, IA was traveling north on 253rd Ave towing a camper. Following him was 17-year-old Brock Ruzicka towing a livestock trailer. They were traveling with and behind a non-contact vehicle, which was also towing a camper. The roadway was quite dry and dusty, reducing visibility.

As the drivers were descending a hill and traversing a curve, they came upon two pedestrians and a dog. One pedestrian was on each side of the roadway and the dog was on a shock collar. Both the non-contact vehicle
and Bo's vehicle were able to slow for the pedestrians. Brock was unable to see well enough to sufficiently slow down and struck Bo's vehicle from behind.

No injuries were reported and no citations were issued. The collision caused a combined $40,000 of damage.


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