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Benton County has topped more than 1,000 cases of COVID-19 since March. See the table below for all of the numbers. 

(The governor has just issued a new proclamation limiting social gatherings Indoors as well as other restrictions. This will be posted as soon as it is available.)

Please remember that masks only stop droplets aka moisture carrying the virus. They do not stop the spread of the virus alone. The virus is so small it will travel through the mask, please don't get overly confident just because you are wearing a mask. A properly worn mask, will help to reduce droplets leaving the mouth which will help reduce the transmission.

If you are sick, please stay home. If you think it's just a cold, get tested. A mask won't stop you from spreading the virus.

Region 6: Benton, Black Hawk, Bremer, Buchanan, Clayton, Delaware, Dubuque, Fayette, Grundy, Howard, Jones, Linn, and Winneshiek.

Last Thursday                                       Monday evening

804               Positive cases since March    1073      Benton Co.

246                Hospitalized                           297       Region 6

849                beds available                       896        Region 6

116                ICU beds available                117        Region 6

43                  In the ICU                               32         Region 6

51                  Admitted in the last day         33         Region 6

12                  on ventilators                          14        Region 6

161                Ventilators available                155      Region 6

6                     Deaths                                     6         Benton Co.

38   Cases in the Lutheran Home                  40

4      Keystone Nursing Care                          5

-                      Serology                                  17       Benton Co.

-                      Recovered                              410      Benton Co.

Active cases 663

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Comments (11)

What!! According to the right wing Covid is a Democratic hoax that would magically disappear after the election.

Can't where a mask and be a MAGA supporter, social distancing is just a way for the government to control you. All the while cases and deaths are going up. Does a member of your family or friends have to die before some will accept that Covid is not going anywhere? The hoax is believing the soon-to-be ex-resident of the White House.
By: Rosemary Schwartz on November 10th 1:51pm
You said "Please remember that masks only stop droplets aka moisture. They do not stop the spread of the virus" Really? What's the point?

Editor’s note: It might’ve been better to have said, “droplets that carry the virus “the virus is airborne as well. Most masks do not stop the airborne part of the virus.
By: Mike Golden on November 10th 2:17pm

You must be a real joy to know in person!
By: Patty Morgan on November 10th 2:32pm
Thank you Patty That's the nicest thing you have ever said!
By: Rosemary Schwartz on November 10th 4:58pm
I wear a Mask, Yes maybe someone's life will be saved. Our expert medical people wear Proper equipment for a REASON. Let save more lives, RIGHT !!!
By: Marlyn Duncan on November 10th 9:41pm
This is for all of you that refuse to wear a mask or deny that masks help prevent the spread of Covid 19.

I tested positive for Covid 19 yesterday, 11/10/20. Would any of you like to come over and hang out? Maybe bring me some groceries...or maybe I could come to YOUR house and hang out? Or maybe I can come in to your office to see how things are going? Would any of you want to drive me to a dr. appointment or ride a bus with me? Maybe we'll see your Mom or Grandma while we're out.

I don't know where I contracted this virus, but I WOULD be willing to bet that wherever it was, someone that had Covid 19 did NOT have their mask on.

If wearing a damn mask is the smallest thing you can do, why not be a better human and just DO IT. OR, if you really want to refuse to wear one, be quiet about it and stay home. If you continue to think this is a joke or a political stunt, I'll be happy to sit down and talk with you face to face, mask free, of course.

Why is it so hard to believe and follow the advice of our medical profession? Not the ones you see on TV, but your very own personal provider? Do you know something we don't?

My daughter is an RN and frequently works the Covid unit at her hospital. Would you like to talk to her about how you think a mask doesn't help? I'm sure there's a LOT she would like to talk to YOU about as well.

I don't want to start a war of words here, I really would rather end one. Stay home or mask up. It really is that simple.

By: Tamara Stark on November 11th 12:54pm
Rosemary, This is not the time for political bashing.
By: CA Mag on November 11th 2:27pm
How can there only be 804 cases since March, in Region 6, when Benton County has over 1007?

Editor’s Note:
If you look at the top of that column the numbers on the left were numbers from last Thursday and on the right are numbers from the following Monday.
By: Darrin Lindsey on November 11th 5:45pm
I agree it should not be the time. That time was months ago when our President was told how deadly this virus is and chose to ignore, lie, and advance conspiracy theories downplaying what we needed to do to contain the virus. How many times have we heard that we are “rounding the corner”, that it would just go away, ridiculed mask wearing and medical professionals, stoked unrest with shouts of liberate Michigan etc. How many people are now testing positive because they attended one of his ego busting rallies, three of those rallies affecting Iowans?
It did not have to be this way if only we had a leader who actually cared about the people he serves. I did not make this political. The President did.
By: Rosemary Schwartz on November 11th 8:31pm
Dear Tami,
I really am sorry that you have contracted the virus. However, you are accusing some unknown person who didn’t wear a mask as the reason for your contracting the virus.
If masks are supposed to prevent the disease were you wearing one? If so that argument just went out the window. If not it is only your fault.
I lean toward this. It is air borne and it is everywhere now with the many cases we have in our area. We’re all going to get it. Chances are those reading this will be fine. Herd immunity would help protect our vulnerable. Treatment has improved since March.
We all need to dial it down in our anger, and be grateful that we have the care that we do. Do what we can but stop blaming everyone for a virus that so far, in the history of mankind has never been contained.
Dr. Fauci himself early on said that masks don’t work...BEFORE he got political.
Unless we all walk around in hazmat suits there really isn’t a sure way to protect yourself.
Wash your hands frequent, DON’T touch your face, and for the sake of everyone STAY home if you’re sick!! Eat healthy, rest, and use common sense.
But let’s all be kind to one another.
The idea that we are going to STOP this virus is insane. SLOW it maybe. Flattening the curve maybe.
But please everyone, dial it down. Anger and fear is not going to help our immune systems.
The virus is here. Be kind, help where you can, and do what you can to not spread the virus. But understand catching it is probably no one’s fault. Not yours if you get it, not yours if you had no idea you had it and didn’t know it and accidentally spread it. We aren’t living in a sterile environment.
Do what you can, but always, always be kind. Survival rates are on our side.
Our community should come up with a plan to better protect our elderly they are the ones NOT surviving this!
By: Patty Morgan on November 12th 12:33pm
Tried to get tested, but was told at the clinic that they are no longer taking patients, can someone explain this
By: Marshall Whitaker on November 12th 3:31pm

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