Have you ever wondered what happens when someone calls ASAC seeking additional information on treatment or other services?

First, all calls and emails are received by our Patient Service Representatives. They are experts in helping individuals identify the next steps, navigate any necessary paperwork, and get connected to the appropriate ASAC team member.

For treatment service calls, our staff will ask a few questions to identify whether the individual is experiencing a crisis to ensure their safety is prioritized above all else. ASAC also prioritizes services for pregnant women and intravenous substance users due to the heightened risks. However, we are committed to helping anyone who is struggling. Individuals will be matched with a counselor to assess their needs and to begin treatment if necessary.

Taking the step to seek help for substance use or problem gambling takes courage. It does not mean you have failed; it means you care about yourself, your loved ones, and your future.

We are here to help you take that step and to connect you to the resources you need to address and overcome your challenges.

To get help now, call 319-390-4611 or email us at info@asac.us.


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