Eleven years later, the Virginia Gay Hospital Annual Holiday Tree Walk is still going strong. This annual silent auction came to a close on Tuesday, November 26. With the continued support of a generous community, another $10,000 will be donated to the Virginia Gay Hospital Health Care Foundation’s Tree of Lights Campaign to support health care in Benton County.

Since the beginning of November, over 60 unique holiday displays donated by hospital employees, area individuals, and businesses filled the lobby. The public was invited to tour and place silent auction bids on their favorites until the final bidding on November 26. At that time, winning bidders took one last opportunity to outbid their competitors and take home their purchases for this year’s decorating.

“Each year, we feel blessed with the support we receive,” says Kim Frank, Human Resources Director for the hospital and one of the organizers of this yearly event. “This wouldn’t be possible without the support and generosity of our corporate sponsor, Farmers Savings Bank & Trust, and everyone who donates and bids on these wonderful displays. We are also fortunate to have tremendous support from all our hospital departments and staff.”

This year’s displays and bid winners include: (1) “Always with You” donated by VGH Retirees/Colleen Long and purchased by Karr Creative, LLC; (2) “Happy New Year” donated by Leukemia Lymphoma Society and purchased by Karr Creative, LLC; (3) “A Hand-Painted Christmas” donated by Diana L. Everett and purchased by Audra Piotti; (4) “In Loving Memory of Doc Corbett” donated by Taylor and Peyton Frank and purchased by Audra Piotti; (5) “Blue Christmas” donated by Karon Ahrenstein and purchased by Lynette Bakenhus; (6) “La Reyna Restaurant” donated by Carmen Legaspi and purchased by Ilene Loutsch; (7) “Christmas Tree Farm” donated by Kacena Tree Farm and purchased by Kathy Mossman; (8) “To Grandmother’s House We Go” donated by Ann Harrison and purchased by Kathy Mossman; (9) “Tamie’s Christmas” donated by Nancy, Jeremy, Katlyn, Courtney Hlas and purchased by Johnson Real Estate; (10) “Warm Hugs” donated by Mossman Law Firm and purchased by Dawn Kuhn.

(11) “A Baby is Born” donated by Carol Sellers and purchased by Gilda Olson; (12) “Rustic Christmas” donated by Marcy Johnson and purchased by Robert and Linda Fischer; (13) “Let It Snow” donated by Anwar Yusuf and purchased by Therese Foth ; (14) “All That Glistens” donated by Kim Frank and purchased by Therese Foth; (15) “Pampered and Pink” donated by Brandy Womochil and purchased by Matt and Kimberly Johnson; (16) “He’s Coming to Town” donated by Cedar Valley Country Quilters/ Donna Thompson and purchased by Joan Cooling; (17) “St. Louis Cardinals Tree” donated by Gabe Barrios and purchased by Janet and Alan Woodhouse; (18) “A Frosted Berry Christmas” donated by Wilson-Hite Insurance and purchased by Bret and Tina Nelson; (19) “Homemade Christmas” donated by Clipper Corner and purchased by Jerry and Karon Ahrenstein; (20) “Country Christmas” donated by Three D Kitchens and purchased by Yvonne Wade.

(21) “Christmas at the Cabin” donated by Kurt’s Enterprises and purchased by Misty Mahr; (22) “How Groot Saves Christmas” donated by Amanda Todd and Rick Saddoris and purchased by Jeremy Grimm Construction; (23) “Believe” donated by Mossman Law Firm and purchased by Jeremy Grimm Construction; (24) “Candlelight Christmas” donated by Marlene and Lee Overton and purchased by Terri Buelow; (25) “Come Home for the Holidays” donated by Barron Chiropractic and purchased by Terri Buelow; (26) “Christmas in Pink” donated by April Shoudy and purchased by Cindy Tippett; (27) “Snowflake Dreams” donated by Avery Kakac and purchased by Eric Kakac; (28) “Frosty Morning” donated by Nature’s Corner and purchased by Jess Mehlert; (29) “Lady of Lights” donated by Virginia Gay Home Health and purchased by Jordan Carter; (30) “Let It Snow” donated by Vinton Newspapers and Vinton Livewire and purchased by Cindy Forsyth.

(31) “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” donated by Ahrenstein Family Charitable Fund, Inc. and purchased by Cindy Forsyth; (32) “All Aboard the Holiday Express” donated by Monkeythis and purchased by Michael and Emily Hagen; (33) “Festive Food” donated by Dr. Maggie Mangold and Sara Wattnem and purchased by Kim Fischels; (34) “O Holy Night” donated by Farmers Savings Bank and Trust and purchased by Kendra Dahlstrom; (35) “The North Pole” donated by Josh and Adriane Gordon and purchased by Don Eells; (36) “Houndstooth Christmas” donated by LaGrange Pharmacy and purchased by Rebecca and John Williams; (37) “Truckin’ to Grandma’s” donated by Virginia Gay Hospital X-Ray Department and purchased by Rebecca and John Williams; (38) “Have Yourself a Cozy Little Christmas” donated by Jan Roth and purchased by Maggie Mangold; (39) “Campin Christmas” donated by Courtney Barrios and purchased by Drew and Lindsy Sallee; (40) “Angels Among Us” donated by Robin Martin and purchased by Donna Walker.

(41) “Christmas in the Country” donated by Luke and Kelly Henkle and purchased by Andra Dill; (42) “Cardinal Christmas” donated by Midwest Sleep Services, Inc. and purchased by Joan Boudreau; (43) “Joy to the World” donated by Therese Foth and Diane Welsh and purchased by Christine Kelchen; (44) “Christmas Dinner” donated by Dyann Helms and purchased by Shelley and John Mossman; (45) “Woodland Christmas” donated by Ali LaGrange, Diana Van Buskirk, and Ann Aschenbrenner and purchased by Lori Clark; (46) “Crystal Tree” donated by Jody RN, Pulmonary Clinic and purchased by Rozalia Rauch; (47) “Tipsy Tree” donated by Suzy Robinson and Rick Lazenby and purchased by Keith, Clyde, and Ken Gulick; (48) “Clara’s Nutcracker Dream” donated by Joan Cooling Dance Center and purchased by Stacy Diveley; (49) “Cross Country Christmas” donated by Eric and Valerie Struve and purchased by Dana Hanson; (50) “Twelve Days of Christmas” donated by Vinton Guild of Fine Arts and purchased by Thomas Viner.

(51) “Elf Tree” donated by Diana Bramow, AFLAC and purchased by Sharon Dieter; (52) “Grinch Who Stole Christmas” donated by Keystone Care Center/Home Health, Brenda Engelking and purchased by Sharon Dieter; (53) “Elegance Abounds” donated by Taylor and Peyton Frank and purchased by Amanda Seiler; (54) “Handmade Christmas” donated by Susie and Stacy Nabholz and purchased by Dyann Helms; (55) “Christmas on the Farm” donated by Cedar Valley Bank & Trust and purchased by Terri Gallup; (56) “Peppermint Dreams” donated by Mattie Easter, Chris Petersmith, and Fuf Renfer and purchased by April Shoudy; (57) “Christmas Snuggles” donated by Mattie Easter, Chris Petersmith and Fuf Renfer and purchased by April Shoudy; (58) “Merry and Bright” donated by Betterton Chiropractic and purchased by Keith Pochobradsky; (59) “Dog Days of Christmas” donated by Tammy Madsen, PA-C and purchased by Jasmine Church; (60) “Amazing Grace” donated by Stephenson Collision Center and purchased by Kristy Cox.

(61) “Keep Calm and Craft On” donated by Rehab Visions and purchased by Kristy Cox; (62) “Diamond Christmas” donated by Kim Frank and purchased by Charles Yedlik.

Virginia Gay Hospital extends a special note of thanks and gratitude to this year’s corporate sponsor, Farmers Savings Bank & Trust, and to Jan Roth. Roth handcrafted multiple pairs of Santas and Snowmen, which were then anonymously purchased and donated to the Virginia Gay Nursing and Rehab for the enjoyment of the residents.

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As a leader in rural healthcare and specializing in family medicine, Virginia Gay Hospital and Clinics serve families in the greater Benton County, Iowa with family medical clinics in Atkins (SE Benton Co.), Van Horne (SW Benton Co.), Urbana (NE Benton Co.) and Vinton. The hospital provides a wide array of services, diagnostic testing, and clinical expertise Acute Care, Emergency Medicine, Home Health, Imaging Services, Laboratory, Nursing and Rehabilitation, Respiratory Therapy, Sleep Studies, Surgical Services, and Therapy Services. Founded with a gift from Virginia Walcutt-Gay in 1914, the hospital has been able to maintain independence because of the generous support from the community. For additional information, please visit www.myvgh.org

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