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Evergreen Cemetery in Need of Funds to replace Equipment

Evergreen Cemetery is in need of equipment to maintain the grounds of the resting places of many of our families. "We are going to put together a cookbook called, "Resting Residents," where families can submit a recipe with a short fact about their family that is now resting at Evergreen Cemetery."

The cemetery is trying to raise at least $6,000 for a new mower and they also need to upgrade their 1974 and 1978 trucks.

Recipes (and donations) can be submitted to:

Evergreen Cemetery

P.O. Box 534


or 1002 E 10th Street, Vinton. You can also contact Deb at 472-4828 if you have any questions.

Editor's Note:

If you don't have a recipe but want to help with the expenses, consider a dollar amount for each relative buried there or a single donation to help out.

Donations to the cemetery are tax deductible.


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