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The Historic Preservation Commission will host their 1st Annual Flea Market this Saturday, June 12th at the Shellsburg City Park from 7am to 3pm. It will feature every facet of a traditional flea market. As an added bonus, the Beast and Bird, a local food truck, will also be at the park, serving lunch from 11am to 2pm. "There will be something here for everyone" comments Edwon Yedlik, a Benton County Preservation Commissioner.

The commission decided to host a flea market as their community outreach project for this year. They chose the Shellsburg City Park because of its closeness to the iconic cement Spandrel Arch Bridge completed in 1915 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1998. One of the duties of the Commission is to bring public awareness to National Register Properties and to convey the importance of historic preservation.

"We have about a dozen vendors signed up as of now but there is always room for more" says Allison Hicks, Preservation Commissioner. Spaces are $10 for a 10ft by 10ft area but multiple spaces can be purchased if needed. Email or call (319) 436-0446 to reserve a space.


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