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Faith in Action provides needed help around the community

Blessed Hope Church has made it a practice to lend a hand around the community for the last several summers. This week found the congregation at several locations throughout the county.

Thursday and Friday, the group helped to spruce up the mini-golf course at the skate center. The group will also be taking on the Vinton-Shellsburg football and baseball fields today and tomorrow.

They are also helping three homeowners in Vinton with the painting of their homes, and will also be on the ground helping homeowners in Newhall and Belle Plaine as well.
Faith in Action is a once-a-year project where the church finds people in need in the community and makes a plan to help them. Churchgoers make up a schedule to work over a three-day span and make significant improvements for residents that need a helping hand.
This year there were around 130 volunteers. Some of the help also provides care for the children of the workers throughout the day, so that moms and dads can spend the day working. The children have visited the area parks and enjoyed the new splash pad as well as having some storytimes and other activities.
The groups in Vinton meet for a breakfast meal before heading out, and then return at lunchtime and again at supper for meals. The crews that are working out of town, take lunches with them. A kitchen crew prepares all three meals and spends their days in the kitchen cooking and preparing for the next meals that need to be served. At the end of the day, a time of fellowship on the church grounds is enjoyed by the workers.
It's become a well-oiled machine over the years and has accomplished some pretty amazing tasks. Homeowners are never charged for the help. Sometimes it might be clearing a yard, painting, or repairing damage on the propery.
The church uses this time to be the hands and feet of Christ and hopes to bless those that they assist.


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Patty Morgan June 11, 2021, 1:15 pm It's always fun to see what is accomplished by this group, I like the picture of the white board, that's a LOT of planning. Thanks church.
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