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World Record Candy Dash brings kids to the track

First, we got to brag about Vinton's Nathan's Smile glow trail was the longest glow trail in the United States (maybe the world). Now Vinton can add to that popularity sweetening it up with a world record for the largest Candy Dash. With 2,160 pounds of candy, The Benton County Speedway crushed the former record set by Hawkeye Downs at a mere The Benton County Speedway has been working on this since last fall collecting candy for all of the kids 14 and under to enjoy under the guidance of Christine Rublack. Christine took over the Candy Dash project, an annual event, 3 years ago. No one seems to know when exactly it started, but Christine remembers it from when she was young as a favorite memory of the track. During intermission at the racetrack, two trucks pulled onto the track with their sweet loads of candy. To get all of that candy onto and off of the trucks, you'd use what you would need to load and unload a truck, shovels. Two large rows of candy were poured onto the track and the kids ran out to collect the treats. Some brought 5-gallon buckets and some filled grocery bags.Christine said that the first year she did the collection she had 800 pounds of candy, then she found out that Hawkeye Downs had the record, at 1,050, but she couldn't let that record stand, so this year she gave them a run for their money crushing that record with her 2,160 pound haul this year.
While the record isn't "official" yet, it will be certified in a couple of weeks.How long does it take to pick up that much candy? This might be another world record. It only took 9 minutes for 215 children to collect all of that candy, which averages out to 10 pounds of candy each. Those who donated to the effort include Shaun & Miranda Bistline, the Dripps family, Fisher Towing, Little Racer Car Club, Vanous Racing, Kyle Olson Racing, Leah Wroton/Dominator Chassis, Kimm Racing, Patava Racing, Aaron Burkey, Ginther Racing, Brown Racing, Ivy Racing, Thomas Racing, IMCA, Ozzy from Motown, Fareway, ideal Industries, Nick's TV, Waterloo Peterbilt, Corky's Car Care Waterloo, Theisen's, LaGrange Pharmacy, Michael & Dowd, Tammy Zimmerman, Dawana, Jackie & Kevin, Kelly Fuchs, Edgerly Family, Burkhart Family, Jon Brown, The Urbana Five Memorial Race, Last Minute Motorsports, Rachel Kruse, Dawn Krall, Brett Whitson, and McIntosh Property Services.In other news, local dentists are taking appointments now.


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