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By: Isabel Mullinex, Co-Reporter

On Monday, October 4th, the Vinton-Shellsburg FFA hosted their annual Local Greenhand Fire Up Event. This event is specifically for the new members of our chapter, but all members are encouraged to help plan the event so they can influence the future of the chapter.

Eight first-year members participated, while the officer team and other members of the Personal Growth Committee joined. Members of the officer team grouped up to present at four different stations. These stations told the new members what FFA was about and how they can grow as a person and as a part of FFA.

The stations included: FFA Trivia, Emblem and Official Dress, All About Me, and FFA Opportunities. As always, snacks and drinks were provided. This event is highly recommended for the new members of this chapter and any upcoming members that are interested in being a part of the FFA.

The chapter is excited to welcome the future of agriculture to the Vinton-Shellsburg FFA.


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