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The family of Nathan Hesson partnered with Vinton Parks and Recreation Department on Saturday night to organize a Glow Fun Run on Nathan's Miles Glow Trail. Several activities took place including music, yard games, and of course, lots of things that glowed. Opal & Hazel Pizza & the Lions trailer were on hand to feed the crowd as well.

Most in the community remember Hesson for his smile, thus Nathan's Mile Glow Trail was given to the trail. A trail was something that Hesson had envisioned going through the town. Nathan's birthday was this past week. A couple of Nathan's accomplishments in Vinton included serving as the director of Vinton Unlimited as well as serving as a City Councilman for the 4th Ward. Nathan passed away in January of this year so he didn't get to see the trail which completed construction in May of this year.

More than 75 kids kicked off their run from Anderson's Addition running to the High School corner. The Adults group which made up more than 250 runners, took off an hour later heading north to the Lutheran Home, past Tilford Elementary and the Marvin Lindsey Fields, then they followed the trail back to the High School.

Nathan's Miles Glow Trail has been getting a lot of use in its first season drawing media attention from around the state, country and the world because of it. Residents are also making use of the trail day and night as well as visitors, young and old, solo walkers and family bikers!

Funds raised during the race will go toward improvements along the trail.

The Hesson Family was excited to celebrate the trail and remember the amazing man that the trail is named after. A husband and father most importantly as well as a family member to so man, and a friend to all he met in the community, Nathan Hesson.

To see pictures of the fun, click here!

Photos courtesy of Jeff Holmes


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