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Vinton Parks and Recreation isn't known for letting the grass grow under their feet! They announced that B.L. Anderson park now has the brand new basketball hoops up and they are "ready for action!"

Also happening on Thursday, was the removal of the damaged park equipment at Riverside Park. Pickering Backhoe Service of Keystone took down the equipment to the entertainment of some of the area children at the park. The burned rubber smell was still in the area on the playground following the removal of the equipment from the ground.

Matt Boggess of Vinton Parks and Rec is hoping that new equipment might arrive as soon as this fall.

Kiwanis Park is also getting a workout as well as children enjoy the splash pad. So if you have kids, and are in Vinton, there are plenty of options to enjoy in Vinton!

To watch a bit of the demolition, click here.


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