"Yellow corn, big green leaves, it's sweet corn time in the city..." okay, so it's a little corny if you sing it along to the tune of "Silver Bells..."

The Happel family in Vinton brought their corn to Tactical Creations to sell this week. It can also be found at Fareway and Dollar Fresh.

Pictured in the red is Beckett, in front of the sign in their sweet corn costumes are twins Dax and Finn. On the right are Cole and Kinzlee.

(Annie and Adam are parents of Beckett and Kinzlee. Brian and Stacey are the parents of the other 3. Grandparents are Jim and Paula Happel.)

The Rippel's have also delivered their corn to Ehlingers if you'd like some from their farm!

Womochil's can be found at Casey's!

It's time to enjoy!


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EB July 28, 2022, 11:13 pm Are the Womochil's set up somewhere?

Editor's note: I'm not sure...but if anyone knows, please comment and I'll gladly add them to the story!
GE July 29, 2022, 2:53 pm Womochil's are at Casey's

Editor's note: Thanks!