Mary Barkdoll and Jessica Davis of Clipper Corner donated $2030 to Gifts of Hope through their annual fundraiser. VGH is grateful for their support and continued support in raising awareness for breast cancer awareness and early detection.

VGH is honored to show appreciation at our recent Legacy Awards event in her efforts and raising thousands of dollars over the years.

Winners of the baskets were Mary Bunten, Yvonne Zimpfer and Pat Lynch.

Gifts of Hope is a fund created to provide free mammograms and diagnostic services to those who need financial assistance to pay for a clinic visit, testing, co-pays, and diagnostic analysis of those tests to determine next steps, as well as Pap tests and/or pelvic exams. Funds are meant for people who have no insurance; have a health insurance policy that does not pay for these services; and those who cannot pay the deductible or co-insurance amounts.


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