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Angel Tree 2022 has begun accepting applications for Christmas assistance and will continue accepting names through December 9. There are two ways to apply:


First Christian Church

1209 W. 13th St. (next to Theisen's on Hwy. 218)

Monday - Friday, 9am-11:30am


LaNette 319-521-1496 or Sarah Parker 319-202-2786

Benton County Angel Tree is always looking for businesses and/or organizations to make donations to help our children have a better Christmas this year. Also, if you would like us to speak at a meeting or gathering, just let one of us. If you would like to adopt a child, a family or give a cash donation to help purchase gifts or if you have any questions please call LaNette 521-1496 or Sarah 202-2786.

At the current time, we are in need of a building or storage building IMMEDIATELY!!! We need the use of the building during the whole month of December and we would appreciate our own key. If you need references, they can be provided.

Thank you in advance.


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