In 2022, IAPG established the first-ever scholarship solely to assist aspiring students in obtaining their pilot's license. Appropriately, at Fly Iowa, for the first time, the CHUCK McDONALD AVIATION TRAINING SCHOLARSHIP was awarded to Vinton resident, Macy Arbuckle.

Macy's application paints a picture of a student pilot aspiring to pursue a career in aviation. Macy worked 3 jobs in order to become a Private Pilot. Her aviation goals took shape the moment she first experienced flight when family and friends took her aloft. She writes "That one flight changed the trajectory of my lifeI fell in love with aviation and it is the place I want to build my career." And, one day short of her 23rd birthday, on June 23rd Macy earned her wings by becoming a Private Pilot.

Macy's peers write she is a young lady of integrity, determination, and compassion; they continue "she is self-motivated, self-employed, and does a fantastic job of meeting the needs of her customers." Quick to credit others, Macy writes "I could never have dreamed of being spurred on by so many pilots across Iowa."

Macy's flight instructor is Mike Lacy who flies out of the Monticello Regional Airport. Since June she has already taken the written tests for Commercial, Instrument, and Certified Flight and Instrument Flight Instructor and her logbook bears Mike's signature for the additional instruction as she works towards earning these ratings.

The Iowa Aviation Promotion Group could not have a better ambassador for promoting aviation in Iowa. Macy spent a day volunteering at a Youth Rally in Ankeny and even spoke at IAPG's annual meeting. We're very proud to award the very first Chuck McDonald Flight Training Scholarship to Macy ArbuckleCongratulations!

Totally funded from donations, $2500 will be awarded annually; find the application and 2023 deadline at


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BR December 27, 2022, 1:02 pm Well done, Macy!
SR December 27, 2022, 1:16 pm Congratulations Macy!! You are an incredible young lady!