Blessed Hope Community Church. is pleased to announce the naming of David Condry to the position of Senior Pastor. In a statement from the elders of BHCC, they said, "We are in awe at God's good timing, provision, and faithfulness throughout this transition."

A graduate of Nazarene Bible College, Condry first left Vinton to serve in theChillicothe Free Methodist Church in Missouri for six years. David and his wife Amy returned to Vinton with the mission to plant a new church in 2013.Revolution Church started that year in a living room with just three couples. Eventually, the church began to hold services in the auditorium at Tilford before purchasing the building downtown. Condry has filled several positions over the years assenior pastor, worship pastor, youth pastor, and church planter.

For the last two years, Condry has served BHCC, David as the Community Pastor joining the church in March of 2019. David along with his wife Amy have two daughters, Libby and Piper. The family has eagerly served the church in many different areas.

Outside of church, the Condry family is also kept busy with soccer, trips to the bowling alley, and an endless list of activities.


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