The Benton County Board of Supervisors discussed the elected official's raises that were recommended by the Compensation Board. The Compensation board had recommended that the officials should be awarded an 8.3% increase.

Supervisor Rick Primmer made a motion for just a 5% increase. He asked his fellow supervisors if the county can afford to keep raising salaries at the suggested 8.3% rate. Gary Beirschenk and Tracy Seeman did not second the motion.

Tracy Seeman then made a motion for a 7% increase. Bierschenck seconded the motion and it was approved with Primmer voting, "Nay."

The next discussion was a pay increase for non-elected, non-union and non-commissioned, non-contracted employees. Primmer led the discussion off with a 5% across the board increase with a few deviations

Raise wages to $23 per hour for Jessica Meyer and Deb Cummings

Set Ben Turnis' wages at $96,000 and Justin Birker 85% of the department head.

It was agreed that Primmer would not conduct any business affecting the position or department that his grandson was appointed manager of. This motion, however, affects all non-elected department heads, including Primmer's grandson.


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