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A very important point of business came before the council at the top of the meeting Thursday night, the appointment of a 3rd Ward Council Member to replace Valerie Bearbower who resigned last month. The council made a motion to appoint Zach Parmater to fill the 3rd Ward Council seat, and the motion passed with the approval of the full council. Parmater had previously served on the council around 2014 or 15.

Moving back to the regular business of the city, all agendas were approved, and minutes were filed. The invoices, communications and petitions or remonstrances were also filed.

The council approved the first consideration of Ordinance 1080 - an ordinance adding a new subsection regarding no parking zones, see the ordinance below.

The council approved a resolution ordering work on runway 09/27 an improvements project at the Vinton Veterans Memorial Airport in Vinton, specifications, form of contract and estimated cost

The council also approved a resolution authorizing a tuition scholarship application for the Iowa Municipal Professionals Institute to cover additional education for the city clerk.

A resolution was approved to transfer funds from the General Funds to the Library Fund, and approval was given for a resolution to approve the disbursement of hotel/motel tax proceeds to Vinton Unlimited.

Approval was given for the proposal for professional services for Mud Creek Bridge Replacement, the bridge is located on 13th St. The project will be made possible by a 1,500,000 grant from the state to replace the bridge. The services of Fehr Graham will be utilized. The plans currently will include a sidewalk on each side but this could change if needed.

Approval was given for the purchase of an air compressor for the Sewer Department from Compressed Air out of LaPorte City.

A discussion was held concerning a request from Vinton Braille School LLC. Jimmy Hobart presented the sale of lots 35 and 36 for a retail business, a new commercial tenant on the property. Hobart had signed a nondisclosure agreement so was unable to share with the council the name of the business.

The City approved a special events application for Benton County Speedway Car Show on April 1, 2023 on the block in front of the Ron-Da-Voo.

Under Reports - Chris Ward brought to the council's attention that there needed to be a budget discussion in the next few weeks.

There was a discussion about the replacement of 1st St. West and the load that the street bears with truck traffic from the county. That particular stretch of the street takes the brunt of the truck traffic from the heavy trucks used by the county as they return to their shop on the west end along R Ave.

Craig Walker of the water department discussed the department's work on the GPS program to map the pipes underground.

Ted Paxton mentioned that there would be a Rental Code meeting on April 13. The plan is to create an advisory committee to create an ordinance for landlords.

Matt Boggess said that Vinton Parks and Recreation has completed its summer hiring of lifeguards, park maintenance, and cashiers.

He also announced that the new playground equipment had arrived in two crates weighing a ton each. The crates have been opened and the equipment has been stored away. Construction and installation at Riverside Park are scheduled to begin at the end of April.

Melissa Schwan the City Clerk suggested that meetings needed to be held to update the City Handbook to have it ready to roll it out on July 1. A tentative meeting for Thursday, April 6 was set.

She said that spammers had also tried to bilk the city out of $80,000 through a case of impersonation. Of course, no money was sent, but scammers tried.

Schwan discussed the need to rekey doors in city offices so she has begun to collect estimates to have that done.


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TVE March 10, 2023, 1:08 pm congratulations Zach for filling in the 3rd council ward
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