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The Tilford Art Teacher. Heather Crabb was asked by Mrs. Annis, the Tilford teaching coach, to help the students make art projects for Kindness Week. The idea was to show appreciation in the community as well as bring a smile.

Each class made a project for different areas of the community.

The 3rd Grade, 3SH class, Mrs. Haisman's class, created this poster to thank City Hall for all of the work that they do for Vinton..

The elementary students also made posters or gifts for the following:

The kindergarten class made hearts for the Lutheran Home

First Grade made 11X14 placemats for 4th St. Diner

Second Grade hung door knob signs for VGH Nursing and Rehab

The Third Grade Classes made posters for:

3LH - Firemen

3S - EMT

3HR - Police

3M - Hospital Workers

4th Grade made giant poster size cards for Benton County bus drivers and Vinton-Shellsburg 24 in all!


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