The U.S. News and World Report has released the National High School Rankings. Below is a side-by-side comparison of the information available for the three high schools that affect Benton County residents, Vinton-Shellsburg, Center Point-Urbana, and Benton Community.

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Iowa Assessments Scores Relative to U.S. News Expectations

Vinton-Shellsburg - Well Above Expectations

Center Point Urbana - Around Expectations

Benton Community - Somewhat Below Expectations

Overall Scorecard

Vinton-Shellsburg             58.47

Center Point Urbana         41.81

Benton Community     less than 25

Iowa State Assessment: Percentile Score

Vinton-Shellsburg       88.4%

Center Point Urbana   86.1%

Benton Community     51.6%

Iowa administered the Iowa Assessments to high school students. These figures display how well the school as a whole performed in reading, mathematics, and science. For this school, assessment data from 2021 were compared statewide against other data from this year.

Mathematics Proficiency

Vinton-Shellsburg     72% School and District, State 60%

Center Point Urbana 76% School and District, State 60%

Benton Community   64% School and District, State 60%

Science Proficiency 

Vinton-Shellsburg     83% School and District, 60% State

Center Point Urbana 70% School and District, 60% State

Benton Community   69% School and District, 60% State

Reading Proficiency

Vinton-Shellsburg    80% School, District, State

Center Point Urbana 83% School and District, 80% State

Benton Community  79% School and District, 89% State

All Rankings:

Ranking Factors

How the schools performed nationally and statewide out of 17,680 nationally ranked schools and 317 schools ranked in Iowa.

Schools are ranked on their performance on state-required tests, graduation and how well they prepare students for college.

(Read more about how we rank the Best High Schools.)


Proficiency Rank      National      State

Vinton-Shellsburg      #2,403        #44

Center Point Urbana   #2,454       #45

Benton Community       NA           NA

                                   National Rankings     State of Iowa Ranking

Vinton-Shellsburg               #7,343                               77th

Center Point Urbana         #10,288                              131st

Benton Community      #13,261-17,680                 212th - 317th

State Assessment Performance Rank        National      State

Vinton-Shellsburg                                       #1,224 (tie)     #24

Center Point Urbana                                      #10,273       #182

Benton Community                                           NA             NA

               Ranking: In Cedar Rapids Metro Area High Schools

Vinton-Shellsburg                                       #5

Center Point Urbana                                  #10

Benton Community                               #16 - #19


Overall Student Performance

This measures overall student performance on state-required tests. Below is the Percentile Score on Iowa Assessments.

Vinton-Shellsburg      86.4%

Center Point Urbana  86.1%

Benton Community    51.6%

    Undeserved Student Performance

    This measures the proficiency on state exams among typically underperforming subgroups.

    ...Who Are Proficient

    Vinton-Shellsburg     59.3%

    Center Point Urbana 61.3%

    Benton Community   57.9%

    Non-Underserved Students Who Are Proficient

    Vinton-Shellsburg     87.1%

    Center Point Urbana 79.6% 

    Benton Community  75.2%

    Gap Between School and State Among Underserved Students

    Vinton-Shellsburg      9%

    Center Point-Urbana 11.1%

    Benton Community    7.7%

    School Data

         Graduation            Rate    National Ranking    State Ranking

    Vinton-Shellsburg      88%          #12,540                   #269 (tie)  

    Center Point Urbana  95%         #6,401(tie)                #154 (tie)

    Benton Community    93%            NA                            NA

             Vinton-Shellsburg   Center Point-Urbana   Center Poiint-Urbana

    Grades:   9-12                                9-12                                  9-12

    Setting: Fringe Rural              Distant Rural                    Distant Rural

    Eligible for Title Funding:

                     Yes                                 Yes                                    Yes

    Free Lunch Program (% of total)

                   25%                                  9%                                    23%

    Reduced-Price Lunch Program (% of total)

                   5%                                     0%                                    6%

    Student Teacher Ratio and Students/Teachers at the High School

    These counts and percentages of students and teachers are from data reported by schools to the government.

    Vinton-Shellsburg :   15:1     Full-Time Equivalent Teachers 31

    Center Point Urbana 16:1     Full-Time Equivalent Teachers 30

    Benton Community   19:1     Full-Time Equivalent Teachers 27

    Total Enrollment

    Vinton-Shellsburg     450

    Center Point Urbana 478

    Benton Community   498

    Student Diversity

    Vinton-Shellsburg      Center Point-Urbana      Benton Community  

    Minority Enrollment  

         7.3%                                   7.1%                                 6.8% 


        92.7%                                 92.9%                                93.2%


           2.4%                                   3.1%                                  3.4%

      Two or more Races

           2.4%                                    2.3%                                 2.2%


           1.6%                                    1.3%                                  .6%

      American Indian/Alaska Native

            .4%                                       0                                       .2%


            .4%                                      .4%                                    .4% 


            52%                                     49%                                   44%


            48%                                      51%                                   56%   

      Economically Disadvantaged

      Vinton-Shellsburg    30%

      Center Point Urbana  9% 

      Benton Community   29%


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