By: Co-Reporter, Izzie Birker

On September 8th, multiple Vinton-Shellsburg FFA members took part in the State Dairy Food and Cattle judging contests. "I would have to say some of my favorite parts of state dairy food judging would have to be trying all of the different cheeses, getting to try a new contest, and making memories with my friends for the whole day." This was said by Jerry Lee, one of the team members who participated in State Dairy Foods Judging.

These contests were very different from each other in so many ways, but they both had one thing in common: their love of dairy. The Dairy Food Judging Team of Jerry Lee, Rachel Rollinger, Izzie Birker, and Megan Schlitter had to test their knowledge of different types of milk and cheeses and show their skills on testing different milk samples.

For the State Dairy Cattle Judging team of Wes McKenna, Will McKenna, Andrew Pingenot, and Kade Sutton the team had to take the time and intricately look at every single cow and place their classes with what seemed best, then they had to present their reasoning to a judge in the contest. Both of these teams did an amazing job!

The Dairy Foods Judging Team placed 15th Gold overall and the Dairy Cattle Judging Team placed 22nd with a Silver team rating.

Congratulations to these two teams on hard work well done!


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TP September 14, 2023, 12:51 pm Thank you for your informative postings, but it would be better for me to know where these events happen. Des Moines, Ames, Dump Truck Iowa or??

Editor's note: These arrive courtesy of the FFA students, but of course, I will attach this note for them! Thanks!