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Benton County Emergency Management is among the departments in Iowa that are being recognized this week.Governor Kim Reynolds proclaimed this week "Emergency Management Appreciation Week."

The proclamation reads:

Whereas, we have seen in recent years, emergencies and disasters can strike, anywhere and any time; and

Whereas, emergency management coordinators and their staff rapidly respond day or night to integrate local, state and federal response resources in times of crises; and 

Whereas, the efforts of Iowa's emergency management coordinators and their staff continue to reduce risk of natural and man-made hazards to Iowans through emergency management preparedness, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery, planning that help protect the health, safety and well-being of every Iowan; and 

Whereas, emergency managers are assisting Iowa residents, businesses and governments seriously impacted, by natural and man-made disasters, through their most difficult times, and helping to get them on the road to recovery; and 

Whereas, emergency managers continue to serve their communities across Iowa, responding to 73 federally declared disasters and emergencies, 35 of which have occurred in the last 20 years, 

Now therefore I, Kim Reynolds, Governor of the State of Iowa do hereby proclaim that September 18-23, 2023 shall be recognised as:

Emergency Management Appreciation Week."

This is one department that you hope you never need, but often they are needed. Benton County Emergency Management is on the scene when Benton County is hit by natural disasters, like floods, derechos, tornados, straight line winds and helps to coordinate everything from food to sandbags, generators, as well as coordinating all of the moving parts that are involved in recovering from the disaster. Sometimes there might be man-made disasters like fires that need their assistance, they help with those as well. 

The BCEM works with public officials, emergency responders, schools, hospitals, industry, and the public to promote emergency preparedness programs. They coordinate with local, state, and federal government agencies as well as volunteer organizations and businesses to meet the needs of those in the community. 

The Benton County Emergency Management is one of those organizations that brings those of us who see what they do, a lot of comfort. You hope you don't have to see them on the street doing their thing, but if you do, you know we're in capable hands. 

While the team works to prepare for major emergencies in the county, they will be the first to tell you to prepare your household for anything. 

Here are some opportunities with which to begin. Go to Ready Iowa  for suggestions on preparedness. Don't get overwhelmed, but take one section a week and begin your preparations.

Iowa Emergency Management Association (IEMA) members continuously work with first responders, jurisdictional executives, and legislators to improve the condition of disaster preparedness in Iowa. IEMA remains persistent in their advocacy efforts to extend the state's Back to School sales tax holiday to include the purchase of disaster preparedness supplies in an effort to ensure families have the tools and supplies needed to be self-sufficient during any disaster they may face. IEMA supports expanding the tax-free holiday to include items such as portable generators, batteries, first aid kits, radios, and any other items that would be vital to Iowans during an emergency situation. Making this simple tax change will help countless Iowans be prepared to self-support and stay safe in their homes during the next emergency.

Thank you to our Benton County Emergency Management Team for your hard work throughout the year!

 To find out more Benton County Emergeny Management, click HERE. 


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TP September 18, 2023, 1:05 pm The retired Union County, IA emergency management coordinator told me we have the best E.M. coordinator in the state here in Vinton, Scott Hansen.
CL September 18, 2023, 7:01 pm Congratulations to Scott and his team! So amazing!
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