Another successful Farm Saftey Day was held last Saturday at the Benton County Fairgrounds. Working with several area organizations, the day brought several workshops for area children to have a little bit of fun while learning safety.

The children learned a vast variety of information from hidden hazards around the farm, and things like combine safety, lawn mower safety, ATV, and chemical safety to learning about 911 and what happens when you call.

There is always a display on grain bin safety, where the are fire departments explains how they rescue anyone who falls into a grain bin and is surrounded by corn. The ambulance service was also on hand to help educate the children about what they do.

The children also had the opportunity to talk with someone who had survived a farm accident and to learn a bit about first aid. The event is an opportunity for children to learn and ask questions while having a bit of fun doing it.

Snacks were provided during the morning and lunch at the end of the morning sessions along with a goodie bag for each child to take home.

Those who helped provide instruction to the children include all of the following area organizations:

Combine Safety - Kromminga Motors & Benton Community FFA

911 Emergency-- North Benton Ambulance

Sun Sense - Benton County Health

Golf Cart/ATV Safety-Benton County Sherriff/Deputy

First Aid - Virginia Gay Hospital

PTO/Pinch Point- Gary Albert, Brandon Fire Dept.

Grain Safety - VS FFA & Garrison Fire Department

Accident Survivor- Kris Ferguson

Chemical Safety- Linda Fischer

Lawn Mower Safety- Kromminga Motors- Vinton Shellsburg FFA

Extra Station---Hidden Hazards & GB Tug of War- Belle Plaine FFA

Snack - Benton County Farm Bureau, Unity Point Health Clinic

Lunch - Benton County Farm Bureau, Dairy and Pork Producers

Helpers: V-S, Belle Plaine & Benton Community FFA, Farm Bureau, business and community members GW in yellow chips from IOWA CORN


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