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Iowa State University Extension and Outreach met at the Benton County Access Center in Vinton and hosted President of Iowa State University, Wendy Wintersteen and Vice President of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, Jason Henderson. came to learn about the various opportunities available in Benton County.

Greg Walston, the Benton County Director welcomed all of the participants and made introductions.

The following spoke a bit about each of their roles in Benton County and the coordination they share with each other to meet the needs of residents. Scott Hanson of the Benton County EMA and Benton County Disaster Recovery Coalition spoke first followed by Wayne Shannon of the Benton County Master Gardeners and Old School Produce. Kellie Roberts a ormer daycare director and now the Children's Librarian at the Vinton Public Library spoke next.

Ben Olson a Benton County farmer, beef producer, former Extension Council member and 4-H parent along with Scott Birker, also a Benton County Famer, beef producer and 4-H parent discussed farming and the partnership and some of the challenges they face in farming.

Several representatives from the FFA were in attendance as well as other invited guests including Duane Fisher, Shelby McDonald, the Benton County County Youth Coordinator, and Denise Schwab, State Beef Specialist housed in Benton County.

Both President Wintersteen and Vice-President Jason Henderson spoke and invited the group to share concerns or suggestions on ways that Iowa State could assist the group.


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