Two Vinton-Shellburg High School students were recognized both locally and nationally on Friday. The students had created a project concerning the Cold War targeting the use of MIA and POW. The National Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Auxiliary recognized the students with a special certificate of appreciation for unwavering support for Uncommon Heroes.

The National Ambassador for the VFW Linda Roloff, has been encouraging everyone to use these important terms to describe our soldiers who have yet to return home. Roloff would like people to begin using the terms, "Prisoners of War, Missing in Action, and Killed in Action" when referring to these soldiers who were lost, rather than simply using an acronym.

The local Smith-Geater Post 8884 Veterans of Foreign War also presented certificates to the two students to show their support in this effort as well.

The certificates were presented to Rylee Manning and Paige Clemenson for their patriotism by Jeanette Henry. The certificates commend the two for their work.

Members of the local post were also on hand for the presentation.


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