On Veterans Day, a group of more than 100, met at the newly constructed Veterans Memorial. Created next to City Hall, the third time was a charm in securing a final location for the tribute. It can be seen as you drive past on the highway, so in hindsight, it was probably the best possible location for the monument.
The Grand Lodge of Iowa officiated the ceremony and several spoke at the ceremony. Vinton Monuments also helped with the project.
Each of the monuments are beautifully created and placed around the parameter of the memorial. "The project was started several years ago with the Urbana Visioning Committee. The Visioning committee raised part of the funds and the City paid the rest. The Urbana Parks and Playgrounds board took over the project in 2022," said Rick Gallo. "We broke ground in the spring and just finished a few weeks ago."The monument recognizing area veterans holds a monument for each branch of service and a "Boots and Rifle" statue which was donated by the Urbana Legion stands in the center. Roughly 80 engraved bricks elp to make up the base of the moment, with room to add several hundred more as years go on.
When passing by, stop in and check it out.
Here are photos from the event.


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