It's another year in the books for the Angel Tree program. The small contingent of elves behind Angel Tree was able to assist our Benton County area children.

LaNette Parker has been in charge of making sure that area children have had a merry Christmas for the last quarter of a century. Looking back on stories about the Angel Tree program, the number of children who benefit from the program have continued to grow each year. 

Last year the program assisted around 300, this year the number grew to 332.

The generous donations from area businesses and their customers filled the office space of the Angel Tree headquarters. Each year it's a challenge to find a building to hold the event, but every year it all falls into place for the children.

This will be the last year for LaNette to organize the event. "We have enjoyed blessing all the children and families in Benton County. We are also looking for replacements and think we have found them," she said earlier in the season. 
Assisting Parker in the past has been Macey Stout. Stout has experience rounding up donations and connecting them with children in need. She will be taking over and running the program next year. A mom of two, and the daughter of a mom who collects, toys year around, she's had all of the qualifications for the head elf position.
Donations came into the program from the area churches and as far away as Oskaloosa. She has even hit up some of the guys at a local repair shop for their support. Keep your eyes peeled for any toy or child-friendly donations throughout the year, to help with next year's donations!
Thank you, LaNette, for all of your years of serving Benton County families at Christmas and to all of the folks in the community who have stepped up to make the holidays brighter for each of these children! 


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