The Compensation Board met to discuss the proposed raises for the county department heads. A seven minute meeting was held.

Representing each department and the terms they are serving are listed below:

Representing Sheriff Ron Tippett - Lynn Schoenmann, who replaced Anders Norgaard upon his passing in September. This term ended 6/30/23

County Supervisors (Tracy Seeman, Rick Primmer, and Gary Bierschenk) - Mike Barnes, term ends 6/30/27 and Mark Zahradnik, term ends 6/30/25

County Attorney, Ray Lough - Michael Kirkpatrick. term ends 6/30/27

County Auditor, Hayley Rippel - Michele Schoonover, term ends 6/30/25

County Treasurer - Tressa Walton, term ends 6/30/27

County Recorder - John Yundt, term ends 6/30/27

The meeting began with the pledge of allegiance.

John Yundt was appointed to chair the meeting with a motion from Michael Kirkpatrick and second by Michele Schoonover.

Vice Chair was Mike Barnes.

Melinda Shottmer was appointed as Secretary.

The 2023 minutes were approved.

Yundt held a brief discussion about the ways that the last raises were decided.

Before the discussion began, Zahradnik made a statement concerning the last meeting. Explaining that he had gotten "thrown into it" last year and stated that he "didn't really care" if he offended anything this year with his upcoming comments.

"Last year Jennifer put together a thoughtful common sense compensation plan that was agreed to by everyone. One state employee was not happy with the results and threw a tantrum. Jennifer resigned from the board and the first results were then thrown out.

A second meeting was called, where everyone decided to abandon the person they represented and joined the complainer and asked for 8% raises across the board.

That being said, if the advocates are going to follow the highest percentage then I say we lock all the employees together, vote once and be done. I don't need to sit here and listen to everybody's bios if it isn't going to matter.

Number two, last year a precedent was set that the compensation has nothing to do with job performance. 8% inflation rate was set to determine the rate. This year inflation is 3%, therefore we use that across the board and be done with it. Thank you."

Michele Schoonover made a motion to set the raises at 3%, and a second was given. The motion passed.

It will now be up to the supervisors to approve or to change the amount. 


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