David Upah, a Sheriff Deputy for Benton County has announced his run to fill the seat of Benton County Sheriff in the 2024 election.
Upah has served in Benton County for the past nearly 18 years in law enforcement. He began in 2006 as a Reserve Deputy and later on the Special Response Team and performed drug investigations and civil processes. As a road deputy Upah has been involved in jail operations, taking care of vehicle fatalities, homicides, and any kind of call that you can imagine.

Please read his announcement below:

Dear Benton County Residents,

I am pleased to introduce myself as a candidate for the position of Sheriff of Benton County, Iowa. My name is David B. Upah and I bring 17.5 years of dedicated service as a Sheriff's Deputy in our community. It is with great enthusiasm that I share my plan to continue providing strong leadership in law enforcement for Benton County.

My journey in law enforcement began as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff in 2006, and over nearly 18 years, I have worked tirelessly to understand the challenges and nuances that make Benton County unique. From my involvement in the Benton County Special Response Team (SRT), to ongoing drug investigations and civil processes, I have gained expertise across a spectrum of law enforcement activities. My goal is to "Raise the Bar" in Benton County. I am confident my frontline law enforcement expertise, and known leadership, will help our community achieve this goal together.

My experience extends beyond my role as a full-time deputy, as I have also served as a volunteer firefighter with the Urbana Fire Department and worked as a police officer for the Urbana Police Department. These diverse roles have granted me valuable knowledge, insight, and experience that uniquely position me to serve as our community's next Benton County Sheriff.

As a native of Urbana, Iowa, I was raised in this community and have spent over 85% of my life as a Benton County resident. I currently reside on a farm northwest of Atkins with my wife, Jessie, and our blended family of five amazing children: Emma, Benjamin, Ava, David, and Alexa. My family is my most prized accomplishment and I put them first every day.

If entrusted with the role of Sheriff, I will be committed to prioritizing community engagement, transparency, and collaboration with all community services. I aim to build upon a foundation of trust between law enforcement and our community by ensuring residents are heard and concerns are actively investigated and addressed.

Benton County deserves a Sheriff with deep connections to the county and community, a track record of excellence in public service, and a genuine desire to lead local law enforcement to new heights. I am eager for the opportunity to serve Benton County in this leadership role. I believe in the importance of rapid response, teamwork in high-pressure situations, continued collaboration with local police departments, fire departments and ambulance services, and the need for strong, skillful leadership.

Thank you for considering me, David B. Upah, as your candidate for Benton County Sheriff. I look forward to meeting each of you and discussing how, together, we can "Raise the Bar" to make Benton County a place many want to call home.


David B. Upah


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