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Vinton Today, doing it for the smiles

I had a short chat with Vinton Today's "Sports Guy," Jeff Holmes last night. He shared that after shooting over 1,500 photos, and then spending hours on the computer going through and photoshopping some of the photos, and finding the perfect shots, he had uploaded 13 albums onto Vinton Today's Facebook page.

Now let me tell you something about Jeff's philosophy. "We're doing this for the people," he said as told me that he included in his story that we don't watermark our photos. This means that we don't care if you "steal" the pictures of your kids, we hope you do! We don't care if you send it to grandma so that she can see what the grandchildren are up to, we'd LOVE it if you did! We don't even care if you "steal" it and use it on your Facebook page, that's the greatest compliment.

We don't care if you print it out, or make a gift out of it, or put it on the side of your car, we are providing a service for the Vinton community. Every advertiser on here is supporting this website to make all of this possible for you, the readers to enjoy.

Jeff has been bitten by the reporting bug and so far there has been no cure. He has taken it upon himself to see how many photos he can capture that he knows you, the parents, kids, grandparents and friends will enjoy.

We're a bit different here on Vinton Today. We love our community, and we love capturing it on Vinton Today. Jeff says, "I do it for the smiles," and he's not kidding.

We are thrilled that we get to do this, and we love making you smile. THAT'S why we do it.

So if you see a picture that you love, of COURSE you can "steal" it, we hope that you do, and we hope every time that you see it, it makes you smile as much as it made us smile in bringing it to you!

Be sure to like Vinton Today's Facebook page where more than 7,000 people have been enjoying our FREE photos and smiling as they browse through and enjoy our community!

And again, thank you Jeff for your love of all things sports and for using your talent for the enjoyment of our Vinton community, you are appreciated!

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