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Covid - 19 treatment and effects Sean Hannity program July 29
Rose (Follow her as Roseunplugged, is a substitute for Sean Hannity on this afternoon program on KXEL which normally starts at 2:00 PM until 4:00 PM Monday thru Friday.)

Rose introduces Dr. Brian Tyson as a board-certified Physician located in central California. The discussion is centered on treatments for Covid-19 and the Delta variant. As noted in the discussion the vaccine, which I have taken, is a preventative to either getting the disease or lessening the effects. To those who have not been given the vaccine, you are subject to the full effects of the disease. However, if treatment is started early (right after diagnosis) your chances of survival are good.

These treatments are, as I have mentioned before, are Hydroxychloroquine Sulphate or Ivermectin. Dr. Tyson stated the Remdesivir which must be given intravenously (and is very expensive) is not effective in lessening effects or hospital time. Ivermectin is a drug Veterinarians can use on livestock, mainly cattle to reduce mosquito infestation. As a matter of fact, many drugs used to treat domestic animals are also approved to be used on humans - thus: many antibiotics and anti-diarrhea medicines. As a former farmer and livestock producer, I am familiar with and have given many of these drugs to my livestock.

Dr. Tyson explains that those who have had the virus and recovered have 700 times more immunity than those who have been vaccinated. However, if I understand correctly he does advise taking the vaccine even though it is an "off" label medicine. No FDA approval as yet.

Also, it appears the Delta variant is milder and patients who have had the vaccine recover more easily.

He further explained that the drugs I have mentioned have been around for decades and the side effects are no more dangerous than those listed for Tylenol or Advil or Aspirin. After my first injection I had some intestinal problems, but am not able to affix them to the vaccine as another drug I take has these problems as a side effect. I did not experience any side effects after the second Moderna vaccine.

The take on the information we have been given on the Virus and treatment is all over the map. There has been no "cookbook" information or certified treatments that we can 100% rely on. Dr. Fauci has flipped flopped numerous times. I can't put my finger on any recommendation he has made that has not changed weekly or even daily; the same for the Biden Administration.

Thus: Start the podcast at 41 minutes and listen through the 55 minute mark.

Where tillage begins, other arts follow.

Social Crusaders never have to take responsibility for the chaos they cause. Thomas Sowell
Regards,John Stiegelmeyer

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DL August 4, 2021, 5:22 pm Sars-CoV2 is a virus not known to human infection, before it showed up in China, somewhere around November of 2019. That's 20 months ago! The original information presented to Americans was primarily based on what was learned about the original Sars-CoV1, from 2002. As there was no data available for this novel coronavirus, that's the best our experts could do. Research on the effects of this new virus was started sometime in early 2020. Over 600,000 Americans died from the disease the virus causes, in the following 12 months. Many things were learned about this new virus in that time. But, because it was allowed to live in human bodies around the world, while this learning took place. This virus, like many others, is intelligent to its purpose. It finds bigger and better ways to attach the human body, the longer it lives (mutations). The Delta variant (which is the 4th known mutation) is smarter, way more contagious, and more deadly than the previous three.

Hydroxychloroquin is known to cause ventricular tachycardia in some people. It causes immediate death in those that are vulnerable to it. No known condition is linked to what causes this, or who is susceptible to it. Suggesting it as a treatment for COVID-19, borders on a violation of the Hyppocratic Oath.

Dr. Faucci spoke of the lack of need for citizens to wear a mask, at the start of this pandemic. I'm sure that is your only basis for digging at him. He did this, not as proper recommendation, but because of the drastic need for any kind of face mask in our hospitals and other healthcare facilities. He was thinking ahead, for the good of the country (which is the opposite of what the Republican Party thinks). His views of, and subsequent messages to the public, have changed as knowledge of this NEW virus have changed, as the research has warranted. He isn't developing the data! He is our most knowledgeable messenger. YOU ARE A FARMER! When your livestock had potentially health issues, did you just listen to KXEL for all of your healthcare needs? Or did you have a knowledgeable Vet that you went to? Do you think a man that has worked for the last 7 Presidents, for 40 years, would be knowledgeable to his profession? Or does it take a recommendation from Fox News personalities to qualify? If Hannity or Carlson told you that flying a plane at night, without any instruments, is what it takes to be a modern Republican, would you believe them? If not, why is everything they present to you, like gospel? Can you no longer believe that a human being can actually NOT have some evil "agenda"? That they can actually have the best of intentions for ALL AMERICANS? That was the common belief of your party, prior to Nixon's forced resignation. It started slipping at that point. It slowly slipped for 40 years. Until your party started believing a life long con artist, because he started saying things that sounded good to the 40 years of repressed egos, of most of your party. A CON ARTIST!

In a sense, when our government tells us something that you don't like, you just start looking for someone to tell you what you want to hear. You believe that what happened on January 6th was just an ordinary tourist day at our Capitol. Despite the fact that all of America either was watching at the time, or has seen all of the videos of the event. Despite the con artist warning us of "a special event" coming on that day. Despite the 550 self proclaimed fascists and nazis that have been arrested since that day. And, most of all, despite the fact that our Capitol Building have being closed to all tourists, at the time, and for the previous 9 months!

Good Day Sir.
BS August 5, 2021, 2:38 pm The continued disinformation started by the former con artist of the century and people on Fox News and the unbelievably naive people of this country will allow this virus to mutate as it's done already. To demonize Fauci when he has been telling us the facts as they happen should be applauded. I continue to be dumbfounded by the sheer stupidity of people like DeSantis who continue to make this political instead of protecting the country. Or the mom standing in the icu where here daughter is fighting for her life and still saying she won't get vaccinated. How moronic is that?
The cult that is Trump and his followers are going down a dangerous road. He does not care about anyone but himself. Does he care about your family dying, Nope! We can only pray that people wake up to reality instead of "drinking the kool-ade like the followers of Jim Jones.
Darrin you were spot on!
JS August 8, 2021, 12:36 pm To Lindsey, Sweet and others,
Thanks for your reply. As was stated the vaccine is a preventative. As I understand it does no good if an individual has contacted the virus. So, what can be used as drug therapy? If you have the answer I would welcome the information.

Many clinical physicians on either coast have used various drug therapies for their Covid Patients. (As well as physicians in the poor countries of Africa where the vaccine may not be available.) What are they? And why do we not know what they are? Hydroxychloroquine has been used for decades treating and preventing Malaria, and treating Lupus patients- Ivermectin has also been used for decades. While on Active Duty USAF temporary duty to Thailand I was ordered to take a pill daily which likely was Hydroxychoroquine to prevent Malaria. I did not experience any recognizable side effects. Always when an individual travels to other parts of the World water or strange foods can cause intestinal reprises. Traveling to Mexico Decades ago I experienced what was known as Montazuma's revenge. One needed to be close to rest stations as the need could come as an urgent surprise. So the intestinal difficulties I experienced overseas were likely water and a different diet.

So inform us what therapy is recommended if one is not vaccinated and contracts the Virus? Please don't hold back. Give us your learned drug therapies.
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