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Dear Editor,
I have not fully realized until this day how ignorant my critics are. You even typo your name in error. You have advanced degrees but show less intelligence, than the lowest of factory workers. Those who labor to better their families and their wealth are more educated than the majority with advanced degrees. As one wise person has stated, "I would choose at random the first five people in the phone book listings rather than any who chose politics as a profession, or anyone with an advanced degree".
We can only watch and hope that the intellect of the working people prevails, for we have been fooled and lied to by the elite for too long. I feel it would be better for all Patriots to list "no party" on their voter registration form as it is apparent neither party cares about the working man/woman. They care about the big donors, those of us who give small sums don't count.
Regards,John Stiegelmeyer

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Todd Frank August 24, 2021, 12:07 am I find this letter to be somewhat bizarre, what prompted it? Editor's note: It is in response to previous responses...which means this probably should have been included in the thread as a comment perhaps??
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