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Dear Editor,
Life begins at the point of conception. No one can deny that after a human being is conceived it will develop into the very same being as thosedebating this issue. What astounds me is that those who favor abortion went through an identical development stage as the being they are condemning to death. Would these very same people agree that a similar choice should have been made about their own existence? How many human lives have been lost that could have added to our society in so many ways?Abortion today is used primarily as a birth control of convenience because people are too self-centered to take precautions. They prefer their own pleasurable self-indulgence over the care and sanctity of the life they created. What ever happened to taking responsibility for one's actions in this country? Is it too much to ask a woman who has conceived to place the child into adoption? Nine months of discomfort is nothing compared to life in prison for voluntary manslaughter!And what about consenting to sex with a male; is that part of the equationtoo? Or has abortion just become another extension of the women'sliberation movement started in the late 60's which coincidently boostedmembership on or about the same date as Roe V. Wade?Does the father of the child have a say in this? And what about theconstitution of the United States? Are not all people conceived in thiscountry deserving of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? I believeabortion is a crime against humanity and should be outlawed. We need tooverturn the Roe v. Wade decision and get back to cherishing life in thiscountry. For a country that murders it's children cannot be far from selfdestruction. Back in 1973 a Supreme Court decision {Roe v. Wade} legalized abortion by a 7-2 vote. Six of the seven justices in the majority were Republican appointees. The only Democrat appointee, Byron White, voted against Roe v. Wade. Back then the Republican motto was government is best that governs least. Hence the Republicans giveth and the Republicans taketh away.Joe Bialek


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Darrin Lindsey December 21, 2021, 3:05 pm Mr. Bialek, are you a woman? Are you a doctor? Do you truly know what a woman goes through, in those 9 months. Do you know how a woman feels, during and after, a rape? Do you know how many rapes are committed by close relatives? Do you have the same magical powers as the Texas governor? Can you singlehandedly stop all rapes and incest? Can a 15 year old boy get a vasectomy? No! Unless their parent agree to it. Can a 15 year old girl get an abortion? No, unless the parent agreed. What's your feeling on those two 15 year old children, being mandated to wear a mask while at school? Or, mandated to get vaccinated? I bet that you believe a parent has all control of what their children do. What would you seriously do, if your daughter or granddaughter was raped and pregnant? Would you love your grandchild/great-grandchild when they're born? I don't know you, but based on your letter, I'd guess that you'd force your daughter or grandchild to get an abortion. Even if it was illegal. What percentage of newborns are adopted early enough that they don't understand what's happening to them? How many of those are lied to about their birth? That child doesn't get the "Liberty" that you wish upon all Americans. How many newborns, put up for adoption, flounder around in the Foster program, their whole childhood? How many of them don't graduate high school, because they've been moved to several different Foster homes? How can you say that that kid is getting a fair life?

All American citizens have a Social Security number. It's the law. How soon after conception does a fetus get that number? I agree that late-term abortions are cruel. But, what if your daughter were told, in the 30th week, that her child wouldn't survive birth? Is it more cruel for your daughter to be forced to continue carrying? Or more cruel to abort the fetus?

It's all just a thought.
Norma Gould December 21, 2021, 4:57 pm Abortion is never used as a means of birth control. Maybe you have to be a woman and carry a child inside of you to know that is a completely impossible statement, something only a man would say.

If women have to take responsibility for their actions how about men taking responsibility for theirs? It takes two people to make a baby and too many men just walk away.

As we speak there is a 9 year old girl and several 12 year olds in Texas who are now being forced to give birth. Is that what you wish for, babies being forced to give birth. And oh by the way they were raped.

Do you have any idea how much rape and incest goes on in this country? I am sure you don't have a clue. How about abortions that are performed because the mothers life is in jeopardy or the baby is not viable. Yes those things happen too and it appears you have no clue about the heartbreak that makes abortion necessary. Try being a Mom with two kids who finds out she is pregnant and when her husband finds out he leaves. Now I am sure you would criticize her for not taking responsibility but until you walk a mile in her shoes you should keep your mouth shut because you know nothing. All you have is your opinion.

If you think abortion should be illegal then it should also be illegal for men to desert women after getting them pregnant. If women can't back out of pregnancies, men can't either.

Norma Gould
Randy Braden December 21, 2021, 6:46 pm If someone as truly pro-life those feelings would follow the child and mother after the baby is born. Instead, conservatives are against health care for the mother and child. They are against paid families my leave so a mother can return to work.

What about the man/boy who is the other part of the equation? They often leave the woman to raise the child with no support. Of course, that leaves them in poverty and conservatives are against government assistance. The decision to have an abortion is a traumatic one for a woman. That decision should be between a doctor and the woman!
John Stiegelmeyer December 22, 2021, 4:35 pm The trio never disappoints. Abortion is birth control! The fetus dies! Biology cannot be denied life begins at conception! Ignorance cannot be explained?
One other thought. Those that are so "pro-choice" are all alive! What if your mothers had aborted you?

Good Grief.
Sam Thompson December 30, 2021, 9:41 am It’s interesting that the writer makes an impassioned plea for his “beliefs” about when life begins, advocaties for the government intrusion into a medical decision between a citizen and her doctor, then makes a plea for “less government.”

It’s a “belief” that sentient life begins at conception. The science related to fetal viability is evolving. Laws need to be based on something other than faith and belief. We don’t all share the same faith or belief.

Stay out of others' medical decisions.
Anthony Bopp January 6, 2022, 3:54 pm "And what about consenting to sex with a male; is that part of the equation
too? Or has abortion just become another extension of the women's
liberation movement started in the late 60's which coincidently boosted
membership on or about the same date as Roe V. Wade?"

Are you seriously suggesting that women are solely to blame for abortion?
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