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The Trio does not seem to get it.The vaccine is not an appropriate treatment if the unvaccinated come down with the virus.Therapeutics are necessary to prevent their demise.Pfizer.I believe has a pill in testing that will do just that, but all we hear about is "take the jab", well some people - for whatever reason can't "take the jab".Are we to forget these people and not attempt to treat them?I'm not ready to do that.There are many Physicians that have success with old worn-out drugs - some over the counter --- I have written about these before, but the trio rebuked that tack.There are some political leaders that have advocated jail for those that refuse vaccines - Good Grief.That is knuckleheaded!I think that term applies to the team of Braden, Gould, and Lindsey.Let's see how they react to the following.

There are many readers - Greeting and Salutations- who were not alive during our last great inflation.That period was from the Johnson administration to the Carter Administration.What ended it?; the election of Ronald Reagan.Operating capital up to that time cost me 18% interest.I was trying very hard to be a farmer as I was furloughed from my regular job as a pilot for Trans World Airlines.President Ford attempted to end inflation with his WIN (whip inflation now) button.Didn't work; what did, President Reagan lowered taxes, cut nonessential government spending, and revoked unnecessary regulations.Under the tutelage of Art Laffer and Jack Kemp it worked.Inflation was defeated and interest rates returned to more tolerable levels.

Now, where are we?January 2021 inflation was 1.6% now one year later it is at 7% and will probably go higher.What is the big reason? Hydrocarbon prices.The price of fuel affects everything we buy or ship.

Yesterday I heard a person familiar with the economics of transportation stating that melons shipped from California (where they are grown) shipped to the East where they are consumed --- are worth less than the shipping costs.This will be the case for all goods we all rely on for our health and consumption.Was it wise for President Biden on his first day to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline, exploration and drilling on Federal lands, ANWR, fracking and other methods delivering hydrocarbons?Under President Trump we were for the first time energy independent.Now all gone and to put it more bluntly he had to ask Saudia to produce more oil.Good Grief!

So the question is our present leadership doing the bidding of the American People or the radical left? Are they right or are they knuckleheads?Is it as Bill Gates observed that Joe Biden has been wrong on foreign policy for four decades - now going on the fifth? We have President Obama observing - don't underestimate the ability of Joe Biden to f*** things up. One other thought - Sharon and I are on Social Security, we have been informed we have a raise coming in 2022, but also in the notice was a likewise raise in Part A hospital coverage; as usual a wash.

Regards and blessings

John Stiegelmeyer

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Gerald Bates January 17, 2022, 4:45 pm Well, two of the three local have chimed in again. I am confident that the third one will soon. Another day, another flush.
Darrin Lindsey January 17, 2022, 1:32 pm An Ounce Of Prevention, Is Worth A Pound Of Cure. But, there is no known approved (Safe) medicinal prevention available for coronavirus, or the disease it causes. I'll tell you again... Hydroxychlorquine is not a safe option for Americans! When personal doctors won't give them to requests, the people will go on the Dark Web to get it. Once again, heart disease is one of the most under diagnosed diseases in our country. A person with heart disease, will, undoubtedly, die from a dose of Hydroxychlorquine. That drug has a long history (like you said), with some drastic outcomes. There are an extremely small amount of Americans that "cannot take the vaccine". Yet, there still remains 80 million unvaccinated. The Keystone XL pipeline has no effect, whether it be completed or not, on fuel costs in our country. It's ONLY purpose was to transport oil from Canada, to Central America. Beginning the weaning off process of fossil fuels, is far past overdue. That weaning process will continue past the lives of anyone living today. There will not be a day where someone flips a switch to end the use of fossil fuels. It will just fade out to a point where there is not demand for it. I don't see why your "trio" feels the need to express your (most often, false) Authoritarian views, without any prompt for them.
Randy Braden January 17, 2022, 1:33 pm Oh if we could only have Trump back (before he goes to jail). I’d like to explain how inflation works, especially fuel prices, but you won’t understand. Too much Fox News or OAN. John. You need to do a little research! Love your letters to the editor. They are my entertainment for the day. I quickly review Vinton Today to see how naive you are today! lol
Bob Lomeland January 17, 2022, 7:26 pm Hey John I got 82.00 bucks more on my SS check. Doesn't sound like a wash to me.
Ter Phillips January 17, 2022, 11:25 pm Thank you John for your service. And thank you John for always speaking truth. God Bless America from the East Coast. We have a glimmer of hope out here in VA in all we believe in and all the USA should be!!
Thomas Lynch January 22, 2022, 1:40 pm John, Not trying to be a stickler but Medicare Part A is free. There is a deductible for Part A if you actually go into a hospital and that deductible was raised for 2022. But monthly, there is no premium for Part A. Part B, which is for doctors and clinic coverage, had a premium of $148 in 2021 and that premium increased to $170.10 for 2022. The premium is even higher for those with higher incomes.
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