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There were two things at a Trans World Airline Cockpit we did not discuss religion and politics, but we could tell jokes.This brings me to one I remember. What one says is interpreted differently from what one hears.

There were many Ole and Lena stories that included no disparages on their religion or their origin - they just gave you a laugh.


Ole and Lena had a small farm in Minnesota.Lena was trying to encourage Ole to pursue avenues that would earn more revenue.

At breakfast, each morning as Ole was enjoying the marvelous coffee and breakfast that Lena had provided. While he ate Lena encouraged him to "breed Lamas".

He repeatedly was negative about the idea.Lena continued her request. Finally after maybe two or three dozen attempts.Ole finally relented."Okay, I'll breed Lamas! But I am not going to kiss them!"

Communication delivered but misinterpreted.How many times in our life has that happened?


And blessings

John Stiegelmeyer

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Linda Greaser January 31, 2022, 5:34 pm Editor's note: Will forward this on to him!
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