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There are times that I dread going to meetings. I'm fascinated with government meetings and how everything works. I love learning about who does what, and who's in charge of which problem, and which branch state, county or city calls the shots for all of the issues.

Each meeting seems to have a different feel to it. My absolute favorite is the city council meetings. Generally, everyone is chipper and in a great mood and it's almost, well, it's fun to be there. The mayor does an excellent job of keeping things as business-like and as lighthearted as one can when conducting business. In response, the department heads respond in kind.

Well, that is if there aren't any conflicts from either residents or some major thing has broken and everyone has to figure out how to fix it and most importantly how to pay for it.

I had to chuckle tonight as I sat between two department heads at the "kid's table." On one side there was a conversation going, on the other another conversation, at the end of the table yet another, all while the council was conducting business. My ears got confused to which conversation I should be listening to. But I absolutely loved it.

It was like hanging out with all of the "cool kids." All were talking about something going on in the city. One conversation was answering questions, another was planning, and another was problem-solving while the council was scheduling our next set of meetings.

It's on nights like this that I love being part of this town. I love getting to know our leaders, our business people and those making the town a better place.

I left more confused on which branch state, county or city calls the shots in town. I'll do more digging on that question.

But I know one thing, I just wanted to send a note of appreciation out to our council, city administrator, inspector, city clerk, wastewater super, electric super, parks and rec, Vinton Unlimited, Vinton PD and all of the businesses represented, as well as the ladies with a plan to make our town more beautiful.

City Hall was humming tonight, in a good way. Thanks, everyone for all that you do to make our little town a wonderful little place to live!


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Gerald Bates August 30, 2022, 7:11 am It’s nice to read something about our local government working together and better yet, you having a positive experience watching it.
Thank you for this positive comment.
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