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Dear Editor,

Did you hear George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, and others turn over in their graves and mutter a collective, "You've got to be kidding me" recently? I did!

Donald Trump, this country's former president with the biggest ego ever, wants the Constitution changed for him. I thought I'd heard everything absurd come out of his mouth since the 2020 election. I was so wrong! The man can't deal with losing, and he's going to lead the Republican Party straight to the quicksand. As many high-ranking Republicans pointed out over the weekend, Trump is encased in the past, and the party needs to move forward. And, YES, there are so many other excellent candidates to run: DeSantis, Pence, Rubio, and others. Take your pick for a fresh powerful President in the White House. I do feel a tad of sadness for Trump who got blindsided by Ye. Imagine an American turkey dinner with Trump, Ye, and Nick Fuentes. [Was it one of the birds Biden pardoned?] Even Donald Trump would not approve of the Star of David covered by a swastika. Ye admiring Hitler and loving the Natzis? Unreal!! And no Holocaust? What about the mass graves of starved bodies of old men and women and helpless children. Surely even Donald Trump cannot discount that horrific time period in history.It is time for all of us to move ahead, regardless of our party affiliation, and Make America Great Again. Unfortunately, Trump's goal should apply to a different Republican!!Peggy Kelley


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GB December 11, 2022, 9:01 am I agree. It is time to move on. No one takes what Trump said seriously. Trump says a lot of things. He remains bitter over the election he feels he should have won. After what we now know about Twitter working with corrupt groups within our own government, he has a right to be bitter. I do not know of anyone who takes his recent comments about the constitution seriously. Yet the liberal media is in a frenzy over it. Too bad they do not give the same level of dedication to the Hunter Biden story or how the Biden Crime Family is connected to China, Ukraine and even Russia..

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