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Dear Editor,
Just a reminder.If the Benton Community School election passes it will add $405 in taxes to every $100000 assessed valuation. Remember how they increase valuation just a couple years ago? This tax will only affect property owners in the district.$405 for every 100k in value. Imagine what that will do to your own taxes. $400-800 increase over last year? For how long? The proposal DOES NOT SAY WHEN this tax will end!Now that youre thinking of how much your tax will go up, imagine how many more dollars each farmer in the district will owe. How many people will be taxed out of their homes?This coming Tuesday. March 7thVOTE NO! Tim Busch


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LS March 3, 2023, 3:00 pm Tim,
Do really think that being taxed $800 a year will tax you out of your home? Aren't farmers getting tax subsidies already. And P.S. looks like with new legislation that is trying to be passed farmers would get an additional $4000 tax credit on each tract of land they own. This is and education bond that the school is attempting to pass. But what else is new.
GB March 4, 2023, 10:04 am It is always easier for government to keep raising taxes on the folks who have to pay the taxes than to cut services or properly manage money. Government needs to learn how to better manage the money it has and stop spending money on wasteful programs that accomplish little except making some people feel good.
If any citizen wants to spend money or purchase something they can't afford, they can't just go to work and demand their boss pay them more to compensate for their inability to be fiscally responsible. Government needs to be held to the same standards.
It's really easy to spend other people's money and It's time for some fiscal accountability from those who represent us.
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