Dear Editor

I do not feel we should be attacking Ms. Martin for asking to go part-time. If she can complete her job to the standard put forth by the commission, who says it must be 8 Hours a day. I have no doubt that she will be there to assist the veterans as needed. When was the last time anyone heard of a government department returning money?

As a Purple Heart recipient, you would think VA Benefits would be automatic. Well, it is not. To add to the confusion, being a member of the Iowa Army National Guard also complicated the issue. While dealing with Ms. Martin, She was Professional, Courteous and Dedicated. She Portrays the standards that are embedded in the NCO Corps of the Military.

I have seen the updated computer system in action. It is Unbelievable how fast a record request comes back. The medical exam request and decision have also been streamlined. It was not very many years ago this all had to be done on paper.

I do not believe anyone will have trouble reaching Ms. Martin. She stated her normal hours would be 8-12. I am sure she will be available to meet with a veteran and/or their family at a mutually convenient time.

SFC Kevin Atkinson

Army Retired Reserve


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