Dear Editor;

Where has the humor gone?

My goodness, it seems forever that I've heard a funny story; told by a real storyteller to boot. When you get a goodie to pass on, one discovers just one-half of your audience might get the punch line, especially from the younger generation. And, of course, one must be careful not to make fun of someone or something. Growing up in rural Iowa we never took a joke about our school, church, or ourselves seriously. In fact, we kind of took it as endearment at light-hearted ribbing. Political correctness has made the "comedian " extinct as the buggy whip. Also the renaming of the young men. You might remember that nickname you acquired or your buddies. Names I remember like baggy, shorty, stink, skeeter, slim, and some I can't mention seem to have vanished.

Can humor return? Lee R. Overton

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RB August 28, 2023, 1:18 pm Lee I wonder too "where has all the humor gone". Sometimes we have to make our own humor just to get thru the moment, thru the day or thru the week. Just make it happen. I feel sorry for those who continuely look for an odd side to things. Prime example are those that feel bad that Clydesdales have their tales bobbed. Those beautiful animals live, eat and enjoy life more fully than most people. They are cared for relentlessly from birth. If people could just see the whole good, there would be no need to wonder "where has all the humor gone ". "Flush!!" Is my guess.
Life is too precious to waste your time looking for a half-empty glass. Shouldn't find one. I thought they were all half full. 😃
JS August 29, 2023, 6:17 pm If I am not mistaken - horses have short tails, but long tail hair. Pony tails look good on horses as well as girls.
PK September 1, 2023, 10:38 am Isn't there always a silent prayer and the hope that we'll find a half-full glass?