If anyone was watching today's Board of Supervisor meeting, I would bet that your blood pressure went through the roof.

The frustration of watching and listening to everyone on every side of the room, all boils down to decisions made by the elected officials. People do make mistakes. We all get that.

But after watching for an hour hour and a half, I was disappointed by several things.

Disappointed that the local hospital had to defend the work that they've done.

Disappointed that the former board of health had to defend the hours that they put into improving the care in the county.

Disappointed that it felt like the Board of Supervisors didn't take responsibility for what had happened to all of these people.

Disappointed in decisions made outside of the scope of legal parameters.

Disappointed in the legal advice, if any was given.

Understanding that the real bosses in the room were the three supervisors, all the blame lies at their feet. Everyone in the room serves at the will of the supervisors. The attorney has to enforce their decisions, the auditor takes the minutes, the hospital does what they're told, the Board of Health is appointed (or fired) and tasked with laws to follow.

To say that I don't even know what to say, well if I were saying anything it's that I am so disheartened today.

The only request made to the Board of Supervisors was for an apology to the former Board of Health Members and to the hospital. Fortunately, the apology was granted to the hospital. The Supervisors accused the Board of Health of spending too much money on a plan that the Board of Supervisors selected. Then they released a statement to the world accusing the Board of Health to that effect.

The Board of Health didn't get that apology.

I think I'm more discouraged that the three men on our board of supervisors were the quietest that they have ever been in a meeting and failed to untangle the mess that was created.

The best way to bring goodwill to someone you've hurt is to apologize and mean it.

Or, you can dig your heels in after almost an hour and a half and say, "I've got to think about this." I would guess in the back of their mind the thought was, "If we apologize, legally is that leaving us open to a lawsuit?" And I get that too.

But man, do better guys.

Read the law for yourself, especially where it explains what your role is. Then step back and trust the law.

I'm not sure who came up with the idea to fire the Board of Health, but perhaps whoever it was should take the blame for this call.

To listen with your blood pressure meds nearby, click HERE.


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LF November 2, 2023, 4:12 pm We just watched the entire meeting and I agree with Valerie. It was hard to watch. Hearing from VGH and listening to the presentation put together by the terminated Board of Health members made us feel better informed of the situation that is taking place and hope it is resolved to the benefit of all of Benton County residents.
Randy and La Vera Ferguson
SJ November 3, 2023, 1:22 am I watched the whole meeting and feel the same disappointments Valerie felt by the end. It is disheartening to feel that such an injustice was done to the medical board serving the communities of Benton County.
Is that old saying..."You can't fight city hall" going to ring true in our (supposedly fair) community? We certainly hope not.
DE November 3, 2023, 6:26 am So if I'm understanding correctly, BoH negotiated a budget with BoS, and VGH, which terminated its contract with BoH in March, then submitted a lower-bid budget/contract proposal to BoS, which then fired BoH, which had the power to negotiate/sign said new proposal, which puts it all in limbo, and ask the BoS can do is apologize to VGH?

Have I mentioned those three need to go? I believe 2 are up next year, and might have the power to get rid of the creep, who's apparently safe until '26?
GP November 3, 2023, 9:05 am Why wasn't the elected county attorney there to represent the BOS? Why did they need outside counsel? Oh that's right, because who the brilliant voters elected as county attorney isn't actually competent enough to represent the county.