Editor:Fundamental truths:1. Some people tend to believe what they wish to believe regardless of facts or data.2. Some scientists will attempt to prove a hypothesis with data and facts that have a bias toward a preconceived conclusion arrived at before the experiment is even started.3. The bigger the input numbers to a spreadsheet the bigger the potential error..4. It is prudent to question "settled science".5.Science is never settled, if so learning stops.6. 2 +2 = 4 , X + 7 = 11, solve for X move 7 to the right of equal sign change to minus , X = -- 7 + 11 ; X = 47. A lie repeated multiple times suddenly becomes fact.8. Pythagorean theorem --- It states that the length of the Hypotenuse is equal to the square of side A plus the Square of Side B The square root of the sum is equal to the length of side C.9. Newton's laws of motion.10. Human sex is determined at CONCEPTION.11. The major religions can coexist peacefully. Good cannot coexist with evil.12 If Hamas laid down its weapons there would be peace; if Israel laid down its weapons there would be no Israel.13. Bernoulli's law = Simply - when velocity of a liquid or gas increases pressure decreases. Hence: why a carburetor works and aircraft wings produce lift.14. Social Crusaders never take responsibility for the chaos they cause.fun facts to peruse over a single malt or blended whiskey. Regards and blessingsJohn Stiegelmeyer


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GB November 10, 2023, 12:19 pm Happy Veterans Day John. Thank you for your service and to everyone else who served.

John I think you lost all the Libs as soon as the math problem advanced past simple and single digit addition..
The mess our country is in now gives a great argument for a national standard for voters to be required to have a measurable understanding of basic economics,actual American History and a basic understanding of the consequences of Communisum and Socialist Governments. Above all, they must also have some skin in the game. If a person doesn't have those things, they shouldn't be voting on everyone's future.
It would be far better off for this country if they just sat on the sideline dreaming of Unicorns and singing "We Are The World" while they keep believing in their perverted perception of reality. For the rest of us, Iran, Hamas, China and Russia are bad and Ukraine is not a democracy. I do not disagree with assisting Ukraine with military aid and limiting the types of equipment. Yet our tax dollars should not be paying their pension plans and their government salaries!!! Again, blame our ethically challenged leaders for this and the ones who voted for them. That tax payer funded Bidenomics social project needs to end! We are being led by a bunch of clowns!

DL November 13, 2023, 1:50 pm @GB You, as a Republican, are challenging Democrats to a math contest? One doesn't learn math by dropping out of school, or by not believing in our educational programs.
- You don't know what a democracy is. So, it's quite rich that you claim to know what countries are or are not.
-True Democracy Government: All citizens allowed to vote on every bill brought to attention. No Congress or Parliament, as the citizens do all of the voting. No country has ever tried this.
-Representative Democracy Government: All citizens allowed to vote for members of public office for their representation.
-Republic Government: Much like a True Democracy, All citizens are allowed to vote on all bills brought forward. No real Congress or Parliament. If the country is split into individual governing sections, such as the 50 United States, each state would have the vote amongst themselves, and choose a representative to deliver the vote to the required person(s).
-Ukraine is a developing democracy. After being a Communist satalite state of the USSR for most of the 20th century, they became a sovereign state with the dissolution of the USSR. They have been working on putting a proper democracy in place. They had a hiccup about 10 years ago, when an agent of Russia got elected president, and started to dismantle the progress they had made. By the time the citizens banished him, much damage was done.
-Why do you need to qualify the aid to Ukraine by stating it not be used to pay salaries? There is no evidence of that, or that it's ever been a consideration. Just more conspiracy theories from your masters.
-You claim (rightly so), that Iran, Hamas, China and Russia are bad. But, you must believe that Hungary and North Korea are good, because your leader is in love with them.
-You use the name Bidenomics, but you say it needs to end. Ending it would mean a halt on all of the infrastructure work going on across the country, being applauded by the Republican politicians in the areas where work has began. This is also replacing or repairing all of the thousands of bridges. That has been a big part of all the jobs being created. It's also bringing back manufacturing jobs to our country. Something your master claimed he was doing, but in REALITY, there were none, save the failed one in Wisconsin. The GDP (the leading indicator of the strength of our economy) has been as strong, or stronger than any point of the previous guys numbers.

Nice try with all of your words, but they just don't add up to REALITY.
GB November 13, 2023, 11:47 pm DL, thanks for giving everyone the entertainment of you giving a history lesson about the break up of the former Soviet Union.
Great to see you are feeling better and was able to make your way out from whatever dark place you exist to spout off a few words of sarcasm and jealousy. You are at the least entertaining although most of us do not read the endless rants and tantrums you seem to post. You could usually say the same thing in one or two sentences most times. If it helps you to actually believe the stories and rants you write by going on and on and on, I guess it helps you anyway. At least you are not going on and on about someone kidnapping cats around town. Hey, maybe you can blame Trump for that.. It's far more likely your feeble leader Biden took your cats and forgot where he left them.
GB November 14, 2023, 7:16 am DL, do your homework:
DL November 14, 2023, 5:03 pm GB I've always been right here. I've never owned a cat in my life, and I will never own one in the future. If you had put the link for that information you want me to see, I would've looked at it. I'm not going to take the time to copy and paste, for something that one of yourlying masters wrote. Your hate goes so far that you have to complain about how I go about explaining myself. I always assume that anyone reading my comments doesn't know about the subject matter. That way everything's covered. I could probably give you 4-5 paragraphs on the alphabet, if you'd like. I'm more curious about you explaining your interest in where I've been. I haven't gone anywhere except the grocery store, drug store, hospital and my Dad's house. So, why do you think I've gone somewhere, why do you care if I had gone somewhere, and what business is it of yours, where I do go. If I'm supposed to keep you informed of my locations, I missed that memo.
GB November 14, 2023, 10:47 pm DL,
Apparently you are about the only person in Benton County to not know anything about current events when it comes to Ukraine and where the billions of US tax dollars are going. It's really easy to Google it. You may be totally comfortable with Biden paying the salaries and retirement funds of Ukrainians when it comes to the tax dollars you pay but I am not. I believe our tax dollars would be better spent on Americans. Again, giving Ukraine military support is one thing, paying pensions and salaries of Ukrainians is another. Im betting Ukraine has something on Biden to be able to get a blank check.. Most likely related to Hunter's experience on the board of a Ukrainian energy company.. I guess you didn't know about that either..
JS November 17, 2023, 4:32 pm Funny? No critique of my thoughts on fundamental truths. In my day in elementary school we had classes in civics, which attempted to explain our system of governess and its checks and balances. However, since probably the progressive administrations of Teddy Roosevelt to present these checks and balances have been chipped at to what we have today in the Biden Administration. Executive orders take the place of legislation (bills) started in either the House of Representatives or the Senate. Once the "horse" escapes the barn it is hard to corral and get him back in his place. This fact and the hidden authority of the fourth branch to write regulations with no or little say by the people was not in the Constitution. These regulations have the power of law. Violations will bring an individual fines or appearance before an Administrative law judge. This happened to neighbor of mine during the early "80s" He was forced to hire a $400 and hour D.C. attorney. The irony is in this type of court you are guilty and have to prove your innocence. Not exactly Kosher but that's the way it is. Just another thought.

They say that what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right; that black is white and white is black; bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter. Isaiah 5-20