Ice and I have an agreement. "Don't tread on me," says the ice, "and I won't throw you on the ground and give you a concussion." I have a lot of respect for that. So that is where the quandary of what to do came from.

Since the streets are pretty smooth with snow coverage, and it's supposed to rain the next few days, that spells trouble for me, and I know it.

My driveway has just enough of a slope, and just enough packed snow that it's iffy if I can get out. If I start on the flat part where the snow is packed and make a run at it, I'm good. If not, I'm stuck in the driveway.

Or I should add, or if I get too far to the soft parts of the snow in the driveway, I'm stuck. Guess which one I'm at. Yep. I'm stuck. In the driveway. I didn't even get to the slope, I'm stuck on the FLAT part.

So I try the whole rocking the car drive, reverse, drive, reverse. The car says, "Keep going, we haven't hit gravel yet. I stop. I get out, I shovel, It's still no go. I glance at the dashboard and now I'm hoping the engine light has something to do with rocking. I doubt it, but one can hope.

I know when I'm beat. I google tow trucks. Apparently, all the other old ladies have dates with the drivers too. So I wait. Fortunately, I'm home. Fortunately the website is working, it has been giving us weird issues lately and we can't seem to figure out what's going on, so I've been fighting with that too.

Have I mentioned that I hate winter? I mean it's pretty. It's a pretty little pain in the...neck.

If and when I get out of the driveway, I'll be parking on the street.

Tomorrow's article, "Looking at the sky."


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PK January 22, 2024, 10:33 pm Val...Chuckle...Chuckle!!! I needed a laugh after the tears I shed yesterday. So thanks!! I recall one Halloween when I was teaching in Kansas. My discussion of The Great Gatsby was overtaken by students realizing sleet and/or ice was hitting the classroom windows. Chaos broke out when the principal announced that school was dismissing due to even worse weather moving in. [So much for Daisy's visit to Gatsby's mansion.] After the kids had rushed out to buses and their cars, the older teachers mapped out the safest plans to arrive at our vehicles w/o breaking a hip or an arm. [The male teachers hid their nervousness quite well.] We woman didn't bother...We were wrecks. I only had two blocks to cover before home. It took longer to get to my Jeep and get home than a 9 hour trip back to my home in Iowa. [Did I mention I glanced into the ice on the surface of the parking lot and fixed my hair because it was blowing in my face?] Several of us had been smart enough to leave a spare pair of boots in our room. Brilliant, right? We all stood bravely at the door studying the steps OUTSIDE keeping a stiff upper lip. I don't recall how we decided who would go first. I went second behind the math teacher. [I knew the kids would love to miss math class IF she fell, but I was certain they wouldn't want to miss my lively presentation of The Great Gatsby.] So why not let her be first??? All of us appeared to be 95 as we shuffled to our vehicles. Of course, ice had magically covered our windshields and the driver's side doors. [The scrapers were INSIDE our vehicles!!] What a sweet janitor we had. Out he came with several scrapers. I made it home, but my hair looked like I had used an entire jar of level 10 hair gel. My clothes were bonded to me. I thought my cats were laughing, but I wasn't sure. Kansas from 1985 when I moved there to May of 2007 when I moved back here had very little ice and heavy snow. Don't even consider moving, Val. Iowa is a much nicer state. [Despite your battles with the ice.]